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Dealing with a difficult sibling

My sister was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when she turned 19. It has been a steady decline ever since. We have changed doctors and medications over the years but her symptoms continue to get worse.

She has called the police on me and has created a general ruckus. I realize that is the disease and not her. The last straw was this Sunday when I had a fantastic opportunity from a top ad agency in Mumbai. She is 25 now and cannot hold a steady job or even a part-time position.

My sister made it very difficult for me to work. She barged into my room and when I told her that I am busy, she threw a fit. It all went for a toss as she started screaming on top of her voice and it took both my parents to control her.

The attacks continued for the rest of the day and it left me fairly disturbed internally. Her ear piercing screams have left me a tad shaken. I am trying to get away from my family but cannot if she continues to sabotage every opportunity that I have. How do I solve this? I have decided to stop interacting with her entirely.

I’m sorry for what you are going through with your sister. Is it possible for you to work elsewhere, like a library or coffee shop?

My Sz husband used to call me repeatedly while I was at work and scream at me. It was at its worst when I was starting a new
job; a job I worked hard to get.

Maybe they are reacting to not getting our full attention? In any case, I understand that it’s very disrupting to try to get something done in that kind of environment.

I hope you find some peace.:pray:

Welcome to the site. I am glad you have found this forum. As far as you sisters outburst, it is a disease, it’s takes great compassion to see and understand what or how your sis is feeling. Staying calm and being kind can go along way.
Take care and do some research on the subject of mental illness.