Looking for residential program for 16 year old son

Hi - This is my first time posting. We have been looking for a residential placement for our 16 year old son and are overwhelmed by the experience. we’d like to find something in new England or the Northeast and so far no luck. Anyone out there who could share positive and negative experiences with placements – anywhere in the country — your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! gss

www.nami.org might be able to help you with something on the east coast.

They have a free information session and they are on the east coast.


assistance through harvard med…

My family went to university UW here in Washington to get referrals and answers for me. They also talked to my Pdoc about ideas of housing when I was 17. Some normal hospitals with a psych ward will also have ideas. As soon as I became an adult at 18, then it was a bit more tricky for them.

As far as my stay? I was too far out of my head to notice what was going on around me. But I did get stabilized.

some where on www.schizophrenia.com
was a section about housing. But I’m having a hard time finding it now. Maybe SzAdmin can help.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Schizophrenia.com has information regarding housing

Is there a search feature on Sz.com… because I can’t find that either.

I don’t think so. I just made a point to remember to look in Frequently Asked Questions when I can’t find something :smile:

Contact Teen Challenge. They work w rebellious teens but may know somewhere that can help.