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Looking for suggestions

I live in the East Bay in CA. My son started living at a residential treatment facility a year ago. They now tell me that he is not participating and not showing enough effort in his own “recovery” and will have to move out by August. He has schizophrenia. He likes living there, and is more stable than he has ever been since the onset of his illness. Does anyone know of any residential living facilities in the Bay Area? (Walnut Creek)
He needs medication management, interaction with others, activities, etc. they had all of this at the Crestwood facility he is at now. I’d like to find something similar. Thanks

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Did they explain what they meant by “not showing enough effort into his recovery”? Considering that majority of people with schizophrenia don’t have insight into their illness (and thus would not be likely to put a lot of effort into the recovery process), that seems like a very strange reason to ask him to leave the facility. I feel like the whole point of living in a facility is to have staff around to encourage/tell him to take medication, participate in group activities, etc. Unless he is resisting staff to the point of being aggressive, but you mentioned that he is more stable than he has ever been.

They did. They said that he is not attending groups without being reminded. He has to be woken up and reminded to take his medication in the morning. He doesn’t talk to other residents, he prefers to stay in his room or vape outside. They have never said anything about him being defiant or argumentative.
My gut feeling, is that they want their residents to eventually be able to live on their own (which he never will) or to be involved in their community. Such as working in their store, helping with the janitorial work, etc…
He has made it clear that he doesn’t want to work.
But, he is so stable. Little to no voices.
I’m afraid that he will relapse unless I can find a similar environment for him to move to

Does this facility have experience with residents with SZ/psychosis? If not, perhaps they don’t have enough knowledge about the illness. Maybe it’s worth having a discussion with the facility director to try and educate/work something out. At the very least, you could get a better understanding of what their expectations are for their residents. That sounds really frustrating that they want him to leave for those reasons when he is benefiting from their care. I understand wanting residents to become more independent but I feel like that’s a goal that needs to be gradually worked up to with a lot of support and therapy. I don’t have much knowledge about how these places run though, that’s just my opinion. Does he attend any sort of one-on-one therapy at the facility?

Yes, this place is specifically for mental illness, including schizophrenia. They keep saying that he is not participating to the extent that they want. That’s why I’m looking for ideas from anyone who knows the East Bay Area

Hi I’m new to this group my daughter is currently in the hospital refuses all contact with anyone from her life is having delusions I abused her telling the doctors I’m unstable trying to get LPS conservatorship was told by doctor he could help now he’s changing his mind prior to hosoilzatiin she abandoned all of her possessions went homeless on the streets and went off her meds. Prior to going off her neds she was stable . It was a nightmare trying to find her abs get her into hospital now they are taking about releasing her . She has no means to support herself . I’ve never abused I’m si scared fir her .Supposedly she’s stable on meds but still having major delusions about anybody in her support system I’m so afraid that she’s going to go back to the streets and I’m gonna lose her forever anybody have any advice

Where do you live? I have a lot of resources in CA

I live in Hawaii but my daughter is in Passadema in the hospital in Cali thank you so much fir responding this is such a nightmare it’s so scary she won’t talk to me or anyone or anyone t this is the first time she’s been hospilized longer then 72,hours . She’s completely blocked me with HIPPA . Her delusions are so strong and misdirected . I offered treatment anything or anyone that has anything to do with me she refuses contact with . She has never done this before . I’ve alaways been able to reach her and connect . If you have any advise please share. I feel like I’m caught in a nightmare . And si scared of what’s going to happen to her . Thank you Cyndy

You may need to talk to a lawyer and try to get a temporary Conservertorship. You can also contact the county and ask to speak to their AOT program. Assisted Outpatient Treatment program. I didn’t find help until I went rogue, sued the county for lack of help. Luckily, my son was always willing to sign the release of info form. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You need to be politely insistent…until they get tired of you and give you what you want. Don’t give up. You goal should be to get her into a permanent board and care.
Good luck