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Man out of control; relatives desperate


I am a relative of a man (age 65) who was diagnosed almost 40 years ago. He is a lawyer who functions but not well. He is bankrupt, has alienated all colleagues, is abusive to family, disregards his health, lives in a filthy apartment, but has changed the locks repeatedly to keep us out. . We have tried to help him, but after 40 years, I am at the end of my rope. He refuses to accept medical treatment. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Get him onto a forum like this one and let him talk through his problems. It doesn’t sound like he is approachable or easy to help so I think letting him take the initiative would be the thing to try.


As long as he is not a danger to himself or anyone else, you may just have to let him be. I have a son that is about to being evicted and he resists any kind of help or meds. We are all running around trying to find a place, but I am also wondering when this kind of thing will stop–and should I just let him go.
Sorry I wasn`t much help


I am sorry for your plight. He has locked himself in, and I don’t know what could be done? I hope you can find a way to get him some help.


thank you Kerome for your advice. Unfortunately, he is in total denial–goes ballistic if it is mentioned or even alluded to. It’s almost as if he is protecting the disease.


Let go-- yes, after 40 years, it really has come to that. My mother gave her life coping with him. My sister now wants to take over that role. The problem is that no amount of TLC will cure or even improve this disease. It is a disease, it needs medical treatment


We have some resources on our web site here - perhaps this will help:

Also - I recommend you contact a local NAMI and check with them on what resources might be available.