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I Can Hardly say ANYTHING to my son these days with out him

going off!!! Saying that I don’t remember anything that he tells me which is why our relationship isn’t worth anything and this is the reason why he is so F’d up, for lack of a better word, due to myself and his absentee father. He was diagnosed with borderline sczophrenia(sp?) at age 16. He has anxiety and is bi polar. When I ask him something if we have already covered the topic he sighs and tells me we already discussed this, why don’t I remember, something is wrong with me, I’m insane. He wonders why he is still on this earth feeling as he does when other people would have hurt themselves long ago. He doesn’t take prescribed meds but does use weed for his anxiety which his doctor wrote him an RX. He doesn’t see her anymore because she said something that made him angry.
Soon he will go to a fish processing plant far away, although he is a strict vegan, to make money so that he can move from my home.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I’m less familiar with bipolar than schizophrenia, but that push-pull, contradictory, Im a victim BS, sounds really familiar. He won’t be able to have a normal conversation with you while he’s having an episode, or a flare up. His brain is not capable of it. And weed is contraindicated for schizophrenia and bipolar. Too much dopamine in the brain causes psychosis, and weed increases dopamine levels in the brain. So either he’s lying about his doctor giving him an rx for that, or you should report him to the medical board. He won’t get back to his version of normal until he stops the weed, and takes his meds, or unless his relapse resolves spontaneously. There are communication techniques to talk to some one in this state. Perhaps someone more familiar with books for family members can recommend a good one. In any case, just keep things calm, even when he’s accusing you.

It sounds like your son is at a bad age for boys. Try not to get emotionally drawn in to your son’s escapades. Chalk it up to sz and adolescence.

I’m not married, but I’m in a long term relationship that is like marriage. She goes to shrinks regularly (as I do as well) , and she encourages me to ask her doctors anything I wish. Therefore, I regularly ask these guys, “What is C.'s diagnosis?” It is educational for me to keep asking these guys for her diagnosis, particularly as I get a lot of different answers!

“Angry Young Man” is like an cliche of our culture. i think part of the emphasis on sports is that it’ll put some damage control on the abundant large muscle energy of young men.

Honestly, if a young man like yours travels a long distance to work in some fish factory, it is not likely to go well. You and I know that, and when he learns it, it would be nice if he had some emotional support from an adult at that time! It sems right now he will not listen to anything you say, but maybe later he’ll be receptive to a loving conversation.

You couldn’t tell me much when I was a young man! Now, I’m eager for someone to explain it to me.