Med compliance apps and services

We have found after several med trials that my son is treatment resistant. I know he is tired of people questioning his compliance when he has decompensated. That has been a problem sometimes, but has not always been the case - he certainly couldn’t be non-compliant when he was getting depo injections!

He’s currently on a med that isn’t available in depo form. I set up his pill trays and I see pills being removed at appropriate times. I don’t want to nag and make him feel doubted about taking his meds. There are lots of reminder apps, many kinds of devices that will track when cups are opened, that can even be connected to the internet and send notification to a caregiver if a cup isn’t opened at a scheduled time. These devices and apps address problems of forgetfulness or complex dosing regimens, but they don’t address the problem of intentional non-compliance.

As I said, I THINK my son is being compliant, but I would like to be able to show others that this is true. He doesn’t live with me, so its difficult to be there to see him take his meds at the scheduled times.

Does anyone know of a service that remotely monitors a person taking meds - by using facetime or other video application, to capture the video of a person taking meds? Seems like that would be a feasible service to offer. Or has anybody tried having a family member remotely connect via video to show they are taking their med? With all the advances in technology, it seems do-able. It would nice to have it done by a service so that caregivers wouldn’t have to be so directly involved all the time - which can lead to conflict.

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Not cheap

More options here

And in general here

Nothing does. You can fake taking a pill in a video etc etc.

Found a video for that first non cheap product I mentioned

Technology for technology’s sake is often worse than no technology!

There would be nothing to stop him biting the pill or palming it instead of taking it!

I lived with someone who was Bipolar and she used to do this despite pretending to take the medication in a care home!

It brings back memories of having to open my mouth and have them see that I actually swallowed the tablets!

Intentional non-compliance certainly could not be corrected by remote video monitoring, I agree.