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Soon is going to be discharged

My son says he’ll not see a therapist or a physiatrist when he gets out and he’ll not take meds only if a walk in clinic DR. Prescribes them. Has anyone had experience with this kind of behavior. He first became ill in 2006. He starts and stops his meds and as a result ended up in an institution. I’d like to get him home I miss him. I don’t want him home if it’s just going to be the cycle. Can anyone help me?

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I think this is a common battle. My son has always fought me on taking the medications. I have tried everything from threats to injections. My latest approach of letting him decide to take them or not has been the most successful for me. I am no longer the bad guy. Understand though, I have been battling this with him for 4 years and he has had some very dark times when he refused to take them. I have to remind him that his choice is between the side effects or the dark times.
This video explains some of the reasons why they don’t want to take the medication and helps you to understand.


Daughter on Abilify tabs for many years. She lives on her own but we know she’s had periods of losing insight and then not taking her meds.

She got put on monthly injection 6 months ago, seems to be the favourite way to deal with lack of insight. The effects of the injection fade towards the end of each month and we noticed a gradual deterioration over the 6 month period, then she relapsed. It seems the injection either stopped being effective, or the delivery mechanism doesn’t suit her.

They’re now trying a bimonthly injection but I’m not convinced injections are the answer to failure to take meds.

Sorry I don’t have the answer, does anybody else have any good ideas?

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I think most of us here have this experience and think or pray maybe this time. Truth is we don’t know if our son will ever gain insight. He is on the injection right now and he seems less afraid. Today things are okay. In this moment thinking really helps.

Thanks for the video, I read the book. The video is better.

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