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Medications to decrease anxiety for schizoaffective disorder

My 40 yo son lives w me and his psychiatrist won’t give him anything like the benzos but rather gabaprntin and other meds which don’t seem to work for him

Now he did flunk a pee test for pot X1 and I truly think this psych doesn’t want to add to his problems. I am a nurse practitioner and could control it so it wasn’t abused.

I see him grinding his teeth during the day and he is riddled w anxiety.
I would like to see him get some help for this and maybe we need to go to another psychiatrist out of town which is always problematic too. Many doctors are under the gun to be careful with their prescribing patterns and so I don’t know the exact solution for him

He rails against me and it is taxing because without me he would be homeless.

He takes Latuda without an issue.

I don’t know… I can’t control the world and don’t really want to try.

Thanks for your input.


Could you ask the psychiatrist about Buspar? My daughter takes that for anxiety and it works fairly well for her.

Yes. I will ask for buspar



I know of another young man who could not be prescribed clonazepam (or similar meds) because he had a history of abusing drugs. I think they put him on buspar. It helped, but he still struggles with acute episodes of anxiety. I wish I had a good answer.

Is he getting therapy? CBT has been very helpful to my daughter. She has learned a number of strategies for dealing with anxiety.
Good luck. I hope things get better.

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Meds help level them out but I agree CBT is very important to overall functioning.

My granddom uses Xanax very louw dose only given 8 at a time