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Mental health care / criminal justice in Queens

Hi, My son, a Canadian, had a violent incident in Queens, NY on Mar 14, was kept in a hospital for a week, and then charged and moved to Anna M. Kross Correctional Facility on March 22. He’s been charged with a D Felony. His legal aid lawyer and social worker had him released today and are working with CRAN in NYC to find him housing. He has to appear in court again on March 30.

I’m in Canada and I can travel to the States but it’s going to take a couple of days (COVID).

Does anyone have any advice on what to do to try and get him released to Canada?
Are there any groups in NY that you think might help?

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I have been trying to find the branch of Mental Health America for that area, but so far haven’t. I live upstate and our branch of MHA is great for finding services. I will keep looking.

Have you tried the Canadian Embassy?


Thanks so much. I have emailed the Consul in NY and they can only really help by providing a list of lawyers. I didn’t ask specifically about MH support but I will.
Thanks for the idea!