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Mental Illness - Do You Know (Blog)

Mental Illness Awareness

Mental Illness – Do You Know? was created to increase the mental illness awareness, based on personal experiences I’ve had with loved Mental Illness Awarenessones who have lived with the debilitating affects of mental illness.

Most people have acquired the knowledge of mental illness awareness through articles written by doctors and other medical professionals, who have not lived with mental illness or experienced the affects through a loved one.

This website will include articles related to mental illness, but will be hand chosen, to share with you, and written by those who have experienced mental illness first hand. Topics will include agoraphobia, anxiety, bipolar, depression, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, personality disorders or schizophrenia.

Unfortunately it seems to me that there is virtually no mental illness awareness unless you wind up dealing with it personally.

I knew about it but your right until my sz boyfriend I didnt pay much attention its very hard on him and his loved ones. My bf will soon be under conservatorship by his bipolar sister and the courts dont even know she is bipolar.