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Mental illness and physical health


I am working with a UK mental health charity and we are currently looking into the relationship between mental and physical health in those diagnosed with severe mental illness. I wondered whether those of you with loved ones diagnosed with a severe mental illness might be willing to answer some questions regarding your experience and views on this subject. All responses will be anonymous and will be hugely appreciated.

Before answering, please state your loved one’s diagnosis, age and the country you live in, if you are happy to do so.

  1. Does your loved one’s healthcare provider take a holistic approach with treatment? i.e. is there much, if any, emphasis placed on their physical health and information given to them/you on how to maintain or improve their physical health whilst dealing with their mental illness?

  2. Does your loved one smoke, and if so, have you noticed any attempt from mental healthcare professionals to encourage them to stop?

  3. Please share any experience you may have with a loved one diagnosed with severe mental illness where you feel their physical health has been negatively impacted following diagnosis. This may relate to things such as lifestyle, medication side effects or due to focus being detracted from their physical health by mental healthcare professionals.