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Monitoring Chip Option in Abilify?


Have you guys seen this??? I think it’s a horrible idea. What if this chip would fail to communicate with the patch? It puts the person on blast to their physician and any trusted family member who then accuses them of being non compliant. Or they trust the technology, and then they take another pill and overdose. I think this is a very bad idea on so many levels.


What a joke, another rip off from the drug companies…


It will probably be so tiered in the drug plans that hardly anyone will get to use it.


You have to wonder who is delusional. What in the world would possess them to put this into an antipsychotic drug? Practically every one of us has dealt with a family member who refused their meds at some point. Now they expect us to reason them into taking a pill with a tracking device in it? No thanks!


How ridiculous, my son has just started on aropiprazole (abilify)
Pray he doesn’t read this somewhere.


If he’s on facebook, he will see it. It’s trending. The majority of people seem to be against it. My son stopped taking his medication because of something he heard on Alex Jones. I hate that guy. Thankfully, he’s doing okay, for the most part.


I think that the technology probably works well enough - I’ve seen presentations on it, but the bigger issue is that it seems to be exactly the type of “monitoring” that would scare the heck out of the target population - paranoid people. It just seems like a very poor idea - and likely to fail largely for that reason - but maybe the company did some tests and it went OK with the target audience…

The issue of non-compliance is obviously a big issue - so I understand the motivation, but I really think this produce is likely to fail just because it scares people. For many people it could be very helpful by helping them remembrer if they’ve taken their medication or not - which could be a very good thing.

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My son has no social media accounts these days.


Why not have the depot injection , that can ensure the person has their meds.
Just getting our sons trust after 18 months he has become med compliant and just started on this. Disaster for us I would say.


Absolutely - that is probably the preferred option. Some people just won’t go for injections though - so this might be an option.


Everyone is so right on in their comments on this.

A tracking device in an antipsychotic… I can’t imagine how frightening that sounds


Mine either. I’m pretty happy about that. It just seems to cause trouble for him.


If they’re willing, I think that’s fine. I have already gone through the “you have to take your medicine, or else” phase. It didn’t go over well. He ended up being on the wrong medication that made his symptoms far worse, due to a misdiagnosis, and I felt horrible about it. Now we just take it one day at a time, and enjoy the good ones.


Exactly! I spent the better part of last month assuring my son I did not have a chip inserted in his hand when he had surgery many years ago. I won him over with the technology was not available at that time. This just would prove his point.
I get efficacy is related to compliance, but what a terrible idea!


You can bet that med aint cheep, shafting the insurance companies and us…


Can you imagined be a person w paranoia taking this?


Imagine the proof to the person with paranoia, this will just reinforce, substantiate their paranoia. I literally cannot believe it.
It makes the person with the paranoia “right” all along. Wonder whose idea this actually was?


I was trying to think of an application and could only come up with someone without paranoia, who lived alone without anyone to check on them. Same person would be on court ordered meds in a place where they don’t go deliver meds and observe daily.

Would be pretty easy to get around wouldn’t it? I could see people trying lots of things to get it to dissolve without ingesting it.


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And that is what I spent my day dealing with today. The last med he was taking was Abilify. So now he is worried what was recorded and what they are doing with the information. My reply he did not take this form was dismissed as if they are willing to do this do you think they will tell you…Sigh.

He tends to avoid the news and the internet, but of course the day he was not avoiding media he heard this.