MRI may predict who'll respond best to schizophrenia treatment


Thank you for this post. It will be quite an advance if it can be predicted by doctors from the outset of this illness that a person won’t respond to most anti-psychotics except for clozapine. My daughter went through 5 different anti-psychotics before we found which one worked. She was never put on clozapine, and her psychosis lasted for over 3 years before she was put on the Haldol Dec shot which worked for her. That medicine calmed her hallucinations and delusions, little by little with each passing month, to a manageable point. But her recovery back to a normal life has taken years while on Haldol. Clozapine wasn’t even mentioned by her doctors over that 6 year period. Yet, per this new MRI and study, Clozapine can be the only medicine which works on certain non-responders to anti-psychotics, It would be great to have a test available to the public that predicted non-response at the start of attempted treatments.

In getting to know others fighting this battle with schizophreania, it turns out that clozapine was never offered to them either. My heart aches for those trying to care for someone with this illness. My family was very lucky that we stumbled on the medicine that works, and is still working. In the beginning, we tried lots of non-medical solutions like vitamins, homeopathics, change of environment, sleeping pills, etc, with no benefit. Then forced medicines which didn’t change things either. Finally, Haldoperidol injections, and my daughter got better and could participate in “regular” life again.

Part of her recovery involved a doctor who read her MRI in 2018 after a fall she had while psychotic, and said she had a missing part of her brain (missing white matter, called “partial agenesis of the corpus collossum”).

This new MRI prediction tool, neuromelanin-sensitive MRI, or NM-MRI for short, may save years of psychosis for people who won’t respond to anything except for clozapine. Doctors could put a patient on it much earlier. I hope this special MRI becomes available soon outside of the study.

I typically use “” to research. Usually returns published studies from various years. There’s lots on “partial agenesis of the corpus collossum”, but when I add “& schizophrenia” nothing comes up which leads me to believe the partial agenesis of the corpus collossum is probably not the cause of schizophrenia, but who am I? I didn’t find anything with other searches either.

So difficult to hear your story. The meds are difficult. We were on 5 meds initially and as soon as the baker act released my wife we started to pare down. She’s almost off the last one now. I believe it was a wrong diagnosis, more like a childhood PTSD thing.

If you have access to the DSM-5, it’s kind of an eye opener in that the categories of mental issues seem to be all spectrum now. It’s hard to have faith in Psychiatry with so much we don’t understand and with all the changes day to day. I was lucky to find the DSM-5 at the thrift store.

I wish you the best in future. Check out google scholar.