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Free Coursera course on schizophrenia

The course is free if you don’t care about getting a certificate, otherwise it’s $50.

It’s pretty good. The presenter authored this book: Schizophrenia and Its Treatment: Where Is the Progress?

In the first lecture he presents this figure about treatment outcomes!

He said that the psychiatric meds that came out in the 70s and 80s improved symptoms, but have not improved outcomes much compared to the “open air” treatment of 1910 where it was thought that being outdoors and unstressed was the best treatment. He didn’t say and I don’t know how the article referenced in the figure defines a “good outcome”, but it probably means being able to work, live independently, have organized thinking and find pleasure in life.


Interesting. What did you find most helpful?

We all know that SZ is a neurobiological disease and it was interesting to learn how the brains of schizophrenics are different from those without the disease. This has been proven from radiological neuroimaging studies.

In one lecture the “Dopamine Hypothesis” is discussed. Deficits in one system cause the negative symptoms and too much dopamine in another system causes the positive symptoms. Since psychiatric drugs block dopamine receptors they can only affect the positive symptoms like hallucinations and delusions, but not the negative systems like withdrawal and lack of motivation and talking.


Thank you!

There ARE treatments that help with negative effects, however. I’d have to dig into my notes on that, but my son with primarily negative symptoms improved dramatically on Clozapine. Each person is different, however.