My boyfriend is hearing voices and almost can't stand it anymore

My sweet and wonderful boyfriend is suffering from schizophrenia and is hearing voices. They are ruining everything for him. He can’t read, watch tv or play guitar without them interfering. Yesterday he was considering suicide, and I’m so scared. He is on medication seroquel and Abilify but Unfortunately it does nothing to make the voices go away.
How can I support him? I will do anything to help. But I know nothing about voices. Unfortunately we are in a long distance relationship so I could not be with him last night when he was st his worst.

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He will need medication at least for awhile and maybe long term. Clozapine worked best for my sons voices. Although they made him try a bunch of other meds. Encourage him to at least get into therapy and consider maybe outpatient psych


Get a second opinion about his meds. Are they enough? Are they the right kind? He shouldn’t have to live like that and I think the right meds in the right dosage should be able to help.


If he is talking suicidal, call cops there and explain the situation.
Had cops go to my son’s apt. and they took him to hospital psych. ward for evaluation. Can keep him there for 72 hours.


This is a very tough time for you and your boyfriend. I’m sorry to hear that he is hearing voices and almost can’t stand it anymore. I have seen many people who are suffering from schizophrenia. What you need to do is simply try to understand his situation.

I have worked with many people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I can tell you that it is a very difficult condition to live with. It can be hard on the person who has it, but it can also be hard on their loved ones too!


I do understand that that voices are one of the hardest symptoms to live with because I’ve just been in voices hell and that’s one of the worst places to be in. Your boyfriend could try the following 3 meds for 6 weeks each that are stronger that those he take now. Zyprexa, Solian. Clozapine the only meds that is approved for hard to treat cases

If you know his family perhaps you can work together to get his meds reviewed.
I agree with all above and have lived through my son trying 6 different meds over 9 years until he found the one that worked for him.

The process is horrible, and the side effects of the wrong drug can be extensive enough to feed the narrative that meds don’t work.

My son, after trying all the new drugs finally found relief with haldol. But it’s not one size fits all.