Can anyone help PLEASE?

New to this can anyone HELP PLEASE?
Hi I am new to all this. Can anyone help PLEASE! My Boyfriend hears these Voices telling him that we want to Kill him (Shoot him).They got so bad that he left the house and someone at the Church found him he had sliced his wrist and almost didn’t make it. He doesn’t want to take meds. Cuz he says they make him sleep a lot and feel out of it. What things can I say or do to help him realize that the voices are in his head & not real. What other ways are there to deal with this? Any suggestions on a Mild Med he can ask for?

If he went to the hospital they probably loaded him up on meds. He needs to talk to a doctor about what he’s going through so they can either change the meds or reduce the amount he is taking.


I recommend you and your boyfriends’ family read this:

Delusions like that can be very, very dangerous - because if you believe that you can justify doing anything to other people, or yourself. I think he needs good treatment as quickly as you can get him. Here are more resources:

Early Psychosis Treatment center information in these two links

Some other resources:

Anosognosia looks like denial but is different.
Bayes for Schizophrenics: Reasoning in Delusional Disorders - LessWrong - helped my understand delusions - National Alliance on Mental Illness. - Schizophrenia Society of Canada

Read the book “I Am Not Sick, I don’t Need Help” by Xavier Amador. Excellent book and invaluable for referencing often!

The voices are real, they have even physically harmed me before.

They can overwhelm a person and trick them mentally, they can do very strange things to a person, they can even paint an awful picture in his perception of you guys trying to kill him, what we think and know is substance and it can be screwed with entirely.

If people didn’t do the things they do to eachother on a daily basis it would be easier to believe that they didn’t want to harm you.

He needs a doctor and probably some time in the hospital. With meds. it may take some time to get the right combo.and even the right ones! It is trial and error. If he is a danger to himself, he will probably have to go in the hospital. So sorry-he must be so scared. Does he have a doctor?

lots of good advice written…sending strength and courage to you

Don’t be scared. He needs a calm anchor. You can tell him yes they are real voices he is hearing, not everyone hears them but his brain does because it is wired differently. You can try to talk to him and try to let him know that these voices are like friends…sometimes they give good advice…sometimes very bad. He is ultimately leader. He has to learn to gently and firmly to take command but not offend the voices.

I agree when he is in acute phase and a danger to himself he needs time in hospital where they are used to this and can keep him safe, monitor and try diff. med doses.

Much love. Stay calm for him, he has enough frantic madness and fear to deal with and needs your stable love.

Thank you everyone for all of your advice! He has scheduled an appointment with his Psychiatrist. Somehow I have been able to help him on my own & he has not been a threat to himself in quite awhile. It does get difficult for me as I don’t always know the right things to say and I get frustrated having to tell him over and over again. I just reassure him that these voices in his head are telling him lies to try and bring him down and nothing they are saying is true (especially if it is something Bad). Thanks again I will check out all of the info. that was suggested.

At hospitals they dope everyone up, a psychiatrist will try to do the opposite and keep him on the lowest dose possible, generally speaking…mine doesnt like doping people up at all. He even says “I dont want to dope you up too much”. He likes for his patients to function not be zombies. He’s pretty damn good though, hes very experienced, I think he’s in his 60’s, for sure his 50’s. He told me that his experience is what he uses, not his days of reading 12 hours a day. And Im quite highly functioning, I pass as normal unless I tell people I am schizophrenic. I am really into weightlifting and powerlifting, I sure as hell dont look very schizophrenic. But then when people see me pop pills and smoke cigarettes they maybe wonder what the fudge why is that buff guy popping pills and smoking cigarettes. All of my friends know about it and I am open about the illness, doesnt matter.

Lots of good advice given, am glad he has an appointment scheduled. Sending love and strength your way.

Think it would also help to explain that the heavy meds they give you when you are in the hospital for a mental health crisis are much more powerful than the dose you live on from day to day as an SZ. Yeah, mine make me a bit tired and I weigh more than I should, but they also let me function so well I pass for a ‘normie’. Work with the docs on the meds and there’s a good chance he will find a med and dose that work for him without too many compromises.


@lizo6932 How are things going? Has he seen his psychiatrist yet?