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My brother cries hysterically saying, "just know that i love you, remember that"


So the other day, i heard my brother hysterically crying in his room and saying how much he loved me, and to remember it. Like this,
Him: I love you so much, you know that right?"
Me: (trying to stay calm): "of course silly, why do you say that?"
Him: “I just need you to know that, okay? remember that. Remember that I love you no matter what”

This scared me. He’s been unstable for a while now. Many ups and downs.
Should i take this as a suicide warning?

I’ve tried to get him help with institutions but i keep getting the run around because he’s "an adult and needs to admit himself"
Theres nothing i can legally do as of now.

I need help and any answers. I’m worried that one day I’ll wake up and he’ll be gone.


I’ve said similar things to loved ones when I was thinking of suicide.


Thank you for your reply,
I know this was a serious comment, and he HAS threatened to take his own life before.
It’s just so hard.
He claims he’s jesus, and that he can resurrect us. and that “tonight is the night”


You’re scaring me. I’m scared. I don’t want this to happen to my family members. I keep hiding my fear of it happening to my brother, that I think if I pray and believe hard enough that it won’t happen to him. But I remember how it happened to me, and I know the signs. He’s been somewhat erratic. When he came over for Christmas, he yelled and broke down because I wouldn’t put a plate in the sink when he asked me to because he was bossing me around. He wants to move to the city and has big dreams, has already been to China and studied abroad, has an amazing portfolio and chose advertising as his future career. He wants to move to NYC but he’s latching onto this ideal and it’s tearing him apart. He wants to move directly after he graduates this semester. He’s only twenty-one, and I’m terrified of losing him to suicide more than him becoming crazy. I don’t want him to hide it or be afraid, but if he starts having depression which he has said he sometimes gets, he could also have severe Bipolar like myself. So I want to stop it before it happens and I don’t have any way to approach it.

The thing that triggered me about this topic is my brother cried and hugged me, saying that he was going to move to NYC for himself, to make things better and succeed, and then he would help me out of this mess. My dad is supportive, but I’m secretly not because I want my dad to be more protective of him when I can’t be and neither can my mom. I’m the first one whose truly noticed this. He seems to be under a lot of pressure, and he’s in his finals at college. I need to protect him and he’s trying to distance himself from the family.


I am not sure what your beliefs are, but all I can say is just to pray. God knows how hard i pray and weep for my brother. Wishing it were me, everyday.
What sucks is that a lot of places wont help him because he’s “an adult” so he has to go on his own. So we’re pretty much helpless watching him descend into madness. It’s hard trying to help someone who doesnt want it.

As for your situation, I am truly sorry for everything on your plate. God knows the anxiety i would feel if my brother were moving away. All i can advise is to stay in great contact. With all the technology today, it’s easy to feel closer to people who are away.

I’m not sure how far you live, but maybe you can visit often?
Or is he reluctant to staying close to everyone?

As a person moving away myself for school, i know how hard that situation is to be in.
I hate leaving for school, knowing my small 4’11 tall mother is going to be alone with my 5’10 built brother. It’s terrifying. Especially with all the threats hes making.

Of course none of us control what life throws at us, especially people with sick family members,
But let me tell you this, if i didnt have my family to go through this together, none of us would have made it through. So lean on each other, support each other, and just keep the faith that he’ll be okay.


In the past my son has been delusional and believed that he can reincarnate, come back as a bird… If you were to ask him if he was suicidal he would have said no because in his eyes he was coming back so not really dying. Yes I would consider what your brother is saying as a suicide warning. Especially if he is staying ‘tonight is the night’. A person can be involuntarily admitted, sectioned or formed for being a danger to themselves or others.

Do you mind if I ask where you live?

There may be crisis outreach teams in your area that can help facilitate this.


Or maybe your brother just wants you to know that he loves you.


We live in Texas,
Not too many NAMI resources nearby tho.

I totally understand, and the stress is incredible. That night we actually called the police and they took him to a state hospital, he’s been there for 5/6 days already.
I miss him but I know he needs to be there.


seriously get him help at the local psych hospital. He needs help when he is in distress like that.