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My brother will not sleep with sheets. do any of your family members have this problem?

My brother refuses to have sheets on his bed. I have tried just putting a zippered mattress cover on, but every few moths he either soils it with poop ( don’t even ask how this happens… ) or throws it in the garbage. Without a mattress protector his mattress that I just bought him 3 years ago will be trashed.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find an indestructible mattress cover that cannot be easily taken off a bed???

I want to say there are mattresses that have the protective cover that’s part of the mattress and isn’t removable, usually used in hospitals or hospice care situations. You would have to do some research if that’s something that could work for you.

My son always takes the sheets off too. Not sure why. I’m not worrying about his mattress. I try not to to sweat the small stuff.

I really do understand not sweating the small stuff, and normally I would not care except for the fact that my brother frequently has poop on his clothes. I cannot in good faith let him sleep in poop on a mattress. He will also get evicted from his apartment if the situation gets bad.
Do you think that there is a delusion related to sheets on the bed? I wonder what it is? Like maybe the FBI is spying on them through their sheets??

My sons with autism (younger brothers of the son with mental health challenges) sleep on “medical” foam mattresses that I ordered online. They are waterproof and wipe-able. I think I googled waterproof mattresses.

So far they are pretty durable. The name is “Protekt Series” from a company called Proactive…