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On the topics of carpet beetles and waffles


Last week I had to buy my sz son a new bed. The old bed was in still perfect condition and was only 4 years old but what happened was he developed an infestation of carpet beetles in his mattress, and with my son’s paranoia once he saw the bugs he carted the bed and box spring off to the dumpster and vacuumed and cleaned for several hours after. We searched high and low for a source to this problem and there was not even one more bug anywhere else in the house other than his mattress and we know they came from outside because carpet beetles are basically a garden bug, and everyone sees 1 or 2 now and then on their carpet and they are easily killed, but they only become an infestation when they have a steady food source and one of their favorite things according to wikipedia is human sweat and organic material, So after much thought I now know how this “perfect storm” of mattress destruction came about…My sz son showers at best ever 4 days, sometimes 5…and he sleeps in his street clothes often the same ones for at least 3 of those days and will only change his tee shirt intermittently without showering, he will go to the gym, help me in the garden and generally sweat profusely and go to bed just like that…I change his sheet every couple of weeks because he will argue that it doesn’t need to be changed and he refused to ever flip his mattress so between the ample of supply of sweat on his body daily accompanied with the sweaty cotton jeans and tees and socks he sleeps in nightly, after 4 years …(who knows when the problem started?) I imagine it began this summer when I had him helping me with my giant sunflowers in the garden which were over running everything as much I love them…anyway they attracted a lot of garden bugs this year, I think this incident has scared him a little bit cleaner, (not by much) but he seems to be showering about every 2-3 days now and I noticed he is changing his clothes just a little more often and he says when he changes his bed he will flip his mattress and I bought him mattress covers…so…we will see if he stays on top of it…I can’t afford to have him throw away anymore beds. As for waffles…my sons normal breakfast is a yogurt or a breakfast bar…it is usually all he is willing to “make” on occasion he will have a bowl of cereal but I have encouraged him for months to switch up and make some eggs and sausage or maybe some waffles…something different, and I know he can do it even though he usually burns things I know he can manage it to some reasonable degree…so nothing happened to change his breakfast habits until today and today he announced he was having waffles, eggs and sausage…I was like wow -a big breakfast!, thinking he would make a couple of waffles, maybe an egg or 2 and maybe a couple links of sausage…Instead he made FIVE waffles (large ones) 4 sausages and 2 jumbo eggs…Yikes! I saw him piling up 2 plates and I was like wait a minute! That is WAY too much food!! No one eats 5 waffles! C’mon man! Anyway…he ate every single bite, big difference from his normal yogurt, I have decided to shut my mouth, the waffles are gone now and unlikely to be replenished, and from here on out I will be careful what I ask for and leave well enough alone.


Funny on the waffles - not so funny on the bugs/bed situation, but if it gets him to shower more often, it’s still a good thing.

When my son got home from the hospital last time, out of the blue, he wanted cinnamon waffles with marashino cherries chopped up in them - and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

It was actually very good.