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My daughter and this cult church


She wants to go away for a year at this place, NO MEDS lol:

Would you let your SZ go?

Help, My brother just left a letter and vanished

Would you let your SZ go?


No and I haven’t even read about it. Ok now I have read the sight and it is still no. They are not dual diagnosis and IMO it will likely not go well in the end. Get her involved in something local like a pottery class.


Oh my gosh, depending on the person, this experience might increase delusions exponentially.


What makes you think it is a cult? Because of no med approach?


yep, I talked to them, they need meds BIG time…


Since mine isn’t on meds anyway I would let him go. I know they would send him back rather quickly. But we would enjoy the brief break.

Unfortunately Jeb wouldn’t do it, at one point, several years ago, when I was urging him to pick a therapist, he said "I’m not going to any therapist who advertises themselves as “Christian based”.

I told him “Fine with me, I don’t want to pay for someone to pray with you”. He seemed surprised.


No way, no no no way … even after going to a ‘normal’ Methodist Church for a few months, my sz daughter quickly developed the delusion that Jesus would look after her, and that she would be cured in heaven. We’ve all heard the spiel, it’s what pastors get paid to preach, and if you choose to believe it then that’s your choice. In my daughter’s case, the delusion culminated in her wanting to end her life and then thinking she had, and that God had taken her. We found her curled up in a wardrobe, psychotic and pronouncing she was dead and she was with God.

So no, steer clear of religion, it’s the ultimate delusion. I do believe that handing an sz religion is much like giving an alcoholic a bottle of whisky.


LOL, thats pretty good…


Never even thought about religion feeding new delusions, really don’t want any new delusions, sort of have my hands full here.


The scariest time with my wife many years ago is when she found GOD… That is when I rigged up my bedroom door to be intruder proof…


I don’t even want to think about him taking some sort of religious extreme actions - I can see your point - the moment he refers to us as satanic or devils - yowzer- that’s a whole new world of righteous scary.

Friends from our FtF class years ago said their son kept telling them their car was possessed and urging them to sell it. One night they woke up to the car on fire in their attached (!) garage.


What specifically did they say about their “no med” policy?


(If you are on mood enhancing anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, or narcotic medication, you will not be
allowed to take these in our program. Please seek doctor’s care if you are interested in coming off of
unapproved meds to access our residential program. We do not have medical personnel on staff.)

I will not possess or use drugs at any time, including psychiatric medication.

On the application and I talked to them. I told them that they are idiots and they need to be on meds LOL.


Probable reason is because it doesn’t make much sense to allow ANY type of drug (Rx or not) available in a group of individuals battling a drug addiction.


We (“religious” folk) are not all detrimental to the well-being of others, shop1uk. Your generalizations are faulty.


No I would not let my severely mentally ill child go there I did let my son go there it was an awful awful place they treated my son terribly and me and I won’t go into all the details here… they require they go off their meds while they did when my son had to go which was many years ago if they don’t make them go off their meds maybe but it’s extremely stressful for them… This was when I didn’t understand mental illness I’ve been dealing with it for 21 years now and this was in the earlier years


The nature of a forum is somewhere to express a personal view or idea, and my post should be read as no more than that, as a personal view of an experience my daughter had.


I do understand the nature of such forums. Hence, the reason for MY response. Have a great day, shop1uk.