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My daughter met him on the 4th Floor

In February my daughter had an psychotic episode and set our home on fire because the voices told her to. I had literally called a mental health crisis center hours before , not realizing what I needed to do was rush her to the emergency room!

During her 3 week hospitalization she met a 27 yr old man , she is 19, who is also SZ. Since the day she was released they have been incepirable. We moved away for 6 months while the house was being rebuilt. Needless to say our lives will never be the same.

His mother moved him into a small apartment near our home and now that we’ve moved back she wants to see him everyday. I’m not sure where to draw lines with this relationship. I struggle with them being alone since finding out they were having unprotected sex…I know he drains her with continuous phones calls and demands on her time. She is medicated and no longer hears voices but only wants to stay in bed all day.yslking to him…not bathing , barely eats again. .HELP!

Hi, yes that would be concerning to me too. I have a 25 year old son who got SZ around 16. I got a DNA test done last year, it is a simple swab on tongue, and helps zero in on the best medication for one. That could help. Also, my son gets depressed and mostly hangs out in his bed, doesnt like to shower, and plays video games and chats with people now. I wish he would go to a group, and meet like minded friends, but I would be concerned if he got involved, what would happen. Could not be fun if they got pregnant and couldnt take care of kid, and now grandma has to take care of kid.
Is there anyway to have them visit and do things where they are with people?
You also need to get to know him and his actions. She was just 18, and if like my son…he is not his real age…he is more like a 15 year old, sometimes 10, sometimes older. But will still ask me for permission to do things, so he is obviously young. I as the mother would be worried if my son started going to see a girl and getting physicaly involved, before he can even take care of himself.
My best friends in highschools mother got birth control immediately after my friend started having sex at 14. I was surprised, (very good family), but I see she did protect her, she luckily didnt get pregnant, cause the cute boyfriend she had, slept with everyone in the town and next town…like 200 girls in high school. So you might want to think about getting birth control. My daughter who is married got on a birth control that goes in your arm… Yikes!!!, but it lasts like 3 years.
For some it helps with cramps and acne.