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My daughter tried to commit suicide New Year's Eve

Well, the general consensus is that it was really a cry for help. But she had a 72-hour hold, part of the time in ICU to monitor her breathing, after taking a bunch of Ativan pills. During which time she got violent on more than one occasion and had to be restrained by security. Today was the first day she seemed more herself but was sent to New York-Presbyterian in White Plains, only because the hospital we were at is affiliated with them. Not because it was best for my daughter. I wanted her to go to Four Winds because she’s familiar with the facility and the doctors there will consult with her psychiatrist. I spoke with her twice, she’s very scared. It’s breaking my heart and I don’t know what to do.


Im pretty new to this form but I just wanted to say that Im so very sorry.
Thank God you were able to intervene.

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I am so sorry for the suicide attempt. Ideas: Notify her regular psychiatrist. Be persistent but polite with giving your daughter’s history to the current hospital (written records are ideal). They will likely ignore you initially for anything more than that. Do they know her meds? Or they may change the meds. The fact that she is talking with you is good. Remain her advocate and friend. Listen to her. Ask for a family meeting before she is discharged. Get support for yourself if you don’t already have it through an organization like NAMI.

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Oh, I am so sorry this happened. Sometimes you must roll with whatever is happening, like the current hospital. I had good success with faxing information to the doctor whenever my daughter was force hospitalized. The hospital staff appreciate the information. Did your daughter sign a release allowing you to talk to her nurses?

Thank you everyone, just being able to talk about it helps. I did speak with her regular psychiatrist and psychologist. I will take her meds with me when I visit today. I am her health care proxy so once I give the hospital a copy of her paperwork they should speak with me.


Its times like these there is a strength we must find within ourselves we didnt know we are capable of. So sorry to hear what you are going through. You’re daughter doesnt want to feel out of control and she is in the safest place for the time being.
Persistence in talking with the doctors is key and asking as many questions as you can and providing as many answers just the same. Hopefully the psychiatrist will be able to give insight as to recent status and level o recovery they need. Moving forward they may want to retry something new, they always do. Be sure to nurture yourself and take time to reflect on being ‘you’. So important. I’ve lost myself over the past several months, regaining my sense of self is making me stronger and happier for everyone.
Hang in there. Keep talking.


So sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she is doing better. One thing I can tell you from my own experience’s is that doctors hold all the keys to what happen here, if your daughter lives with you, request that she cannot come home until she has a complete evaluation. The first thing the medical profession tries to do is release the patient in to your custody because of the expenses of helping her. Doctors have all the power to help her. This is a good thing and can help your daughter get the care she needs. I wish I had been more demanding with my son and the doctors. Just some thoughts, AnnieNorcal


I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but i myself, would not want to live this way. Watching my son over 13 years has been horrible for him and son overdosed once on 300mg mg Valium, on life support for 3 days. He said he wasn’t trying to kill himself, just wanted the symptoms to go away. We already grieve for the son we lost… it’s no longer him.


I’m so sorry this happened.
I hope you can get her transferred to her preferred hospital ASAP.

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Oh @Shallcro , I do understand your feelings. I had the same thoughts early in my daughter’s illness, while she was unmedicated and a person I just did not know at all. She never knew she had symptoms, and still doesn’t, but has been psychosis free for over a year now.

My heart aches for caregivers who are trying so hard to find the elusive good solutions for their loved ones.

@boobear , I am glad you are her healthcare proxy and I hope you can find your way through to a good solution for your daughter.

So here’s a status update: the people at the psych hospital turned out to be wonderful. They consulted both of her regular physicians and tweeked the meds. They definitely started the work that will be continued outpatient of why she did this. She is coming home today and has an intake interview at a community-based mental health organization next Tuesday, which can offer an array of services, including DBT skills. I was able to get her Medicaid #, which definitely helped get her into the community-based treatment faster.


So sorry you are going through this, boobear. My son recently told me he had attempted suicide ( in first year of his illness ) because he thought he was spreading schizophrenia to other people.

The hospital he ended up in for long term care did a suicide prevention program with him and he never attempted again. It causes so much fear for us family members.

My daughter who was suicidal ended up with postpartum depression and has been well since that time.

We always have to be vigilant and take signs of suicide seriously.


I’m so sorry.

Holidays can be so difficult - even for people without this stuff.

The staff turning out to be wonderful- wow! That’s incredible!

I wonder if they use any
Of this at the facility: TMS or Neurofeedback .

I have been meaning to ask if anyone has tried TranscraniAl Magnetic Stimulation ( our psychiatrist is now offering in his office. Apparently insurance even pays for some anxiety / depression ). I’m also interested in people’s experience w neurofeedback.
I’ll start a new thread…

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I too am so sorry for the pain and suffering you are going through, and as a family. That is so wonderful to hear you have been guided in the direction of a path that hopefully you will all benefit from. I hope your daughter is not so fearful and can open up and find the serenity she longs for.
Hang in there, keep talking…

I am so sorry poo bear that this is happening to you and your daughter. It’s a good thing that she’s in the hospital getting help. My thoughts go out to you.