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My daughter is 33 and having delusions and yelling inherent apartment all night I feel so helpless

Feel so helpless sad :disappointed: don’t know what to do.

Hello 3158,
There are so many parents and families dealing with a loved one suffering from mental illness. So sorry to hear about your daughter.
Not knowing about your daughter and her situation, but with anyone who is distressed you might want to wait until she calms down. If you are the trigger to her delusions, have a third party help you. Always good to seek advice from professionals.
I’m just a parent so don’t want to give you bad advice, call a crisis hotline. Hospitals can help. Local authorities may be necessary if she is a danger to herself or others.
Give us an update to how you are doing, AnnieNorCal

She lives alone is 33 doesn’t trust anyone off meds. I have had a restraining order against her in the past she tried to abduct me told her I would stay out of her life and never call the police or,commit her again. She has been homeless ,the worst part of her illness is voices and delusions just scared

Hello again 3158,
I understand feeling or being helpless. I’m in a situation that feels and is that way. My son is a state hospital. We have very little contact with him, privacy act, the state and rhe judicial sysyem have complete control over the desicions for my son, and our poor son is clueless about what is happening. I did speak to him a few day ago, it felt good to hear his voice.
I can only imagine how hard this for you, not being able to help is the worst! And from your posts you’ve have had your trials and as you mentioned your daughter does not want your help. So sorry I have no suggestions to help.
You do have all of us here on the forum to offer a caring ear.
Mentally ill people do not know they need help, it always amazes me that the authorities and professionals do not take this into consideration when interacting with our loved ones. I despise the idea that it is okay to let a loved make their own decisions when they are obviously incapable. I never really understood that way of thought.
Take care AnnieNorCal
P.S. you can read about my son under my activity, My sons accident and My sons assualt.


if your daughter is isolated or even if she is not I would strongly recommend a mental health club…here she would be able to interact with people going through similar stuff

she may meet people here who can help her…ask your pdoc or mental health team…or else just google it…mental health clubs are in most cities and towns, people participate in various activities, and also can drop in just for a coffee