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My ex boyfriend/daughter's father seems to be schizophrenic. Help?

My ex hears voices telling him to attack certain people. He runs a shop and said that two shadowy figures entered his shop and that they said: “Hello. We are the Establishment. We have been following your amazing wealth of knowledge and monitoring your brain.”
He says these two characters visit him regularly to “steal his knowledge.”
When I first met him he kept saying “You mustn’t give anyone this phone number. You mustn’t ever talk about me.” He was acting like he was a famous celebrity or something, but he’s not. At all.
When I got pregnant he became super abusive but also volatile. He’d switch from being gentle and talking about having a family together to calling me a demon who’s “stolen his sperm” and “targeted” him.
At one point my midwife asked for his basic family history – any physical or mental health issues that ran in his family. His response was to go completely berserk, accuse me of being insane and evil, demanding I get an abortion or he’d take me to court for “forced pregnancy.” He claimed he’d been speaking to “the world’s top lawyers” who had told him he doesn’t have to pay child support because a man of his calibre isn’t required to. I never heard from him again after that. My daughter is now born. Actually, he did call the police when I posted my baby scan on Facebook. He told the police I was trying to destroy him. He kept calling the same police officer for months after that, ranting and raving at him.
I have no proof at all that he is schizophrenic. It was actually a police officer who suggested he might be.
He would have the most sudden and dramatic mood swings. Like, at 9pm he’d be saying “let’s stay together and have lots of children.” By, say, 7 am the next morning he’d be saying “You are not The One. Stay away from me you demon. Stop looking at me with your eyes.”

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It definitely sounds like it could be. Try to communicate with his family / parents, friends to get him evaluated at an early psychosis center:

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Hi, I don’t think we have Early Psychosis Treatment Centers here in the UK.
His family unfortunately don’t believe mental illness exists in anyone. In their religion, they believe any unusual mental behaviour is caused by evil spirits.
He doesn’t really have friends. He has a sort of group of fans (he is very narcissistic).
I’ve talked to him in the past about seeing a psychiatrist and he says there’s no psychiatrist or psychologist in existence who is as intelligent as he is. This comment in itself is a bit delusional as he is borderline- learning disabled.

Yes - there are early psychosis treatment centers in the UK - just search on google on words like this:

The earlier he can get treatment, the better the outcome.

We do have Early Intervention in the UK and it’s excellent. You can even google the one in your area and make a direct report yourself. You don’t need to go through the doctor, police or anyone. You just call them and report what’s happening and as much as you know about the person and they will try to find them.

Just google “Early Intervention Psychosis” and your City name or borough name if you’re in London.

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