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I had to press charges against my schizophrenic ex

I’ve been on this site for a while battling back and forth with staying with my boyfriend , I found out I was pregnant I am now almost 4 months . This is his first child and he is so happy! He even started taking his meds , but recently he had a breakdown and charged at me and even spit at me! I had to call the police and have charges pressed against him. He is now in jail! His mom called me furious because he has this illness and she feels like he shouldn’t be in jail, but i was so scared I had no choice !! I’m so confused we were broken up but I let him stay the night because his mom kicked him out ! So I feel so bad that this took place but I cannot tolerate abuse of any kind , especially while pregnant! He never apologized , instead the cell phone that I had in his name (but I payed the bill for) he got it disconnected! And his mom told him to disconnect the phone! I’m stressed out so bad I have no idea how I am going to raise a child with him ! Please help

I am so sorry that your life is so rough in this relationship. Unmedicated severe schizophrenia is the worst thing to deal with, so much unpredictability… I think you were right to call the police. Criminal behavior cannot be tolerated from either an insane or a sane person. You cannot put yourself at risk, especially while pregnant. It is hard to raise a child as a single mom, but it will be easier to do it on your own than trying to raise one with an unmedicated schizophrenic. (My opinion).

so true ! You can only help a person who wants to be helped

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You were totally right to call the police. Especially after having offered him a place to stay, despite having broken up.
Must have been extremely difficult.

Take care of yourself.

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I agree with everyones replies. You are a good person. Dont let your boyfriends mother make you feel guilty. Her son needs help and maybe the jail will force him to get the help he needs. Look after yourself and the baby. It takes a lot to raise a child and you can do it your strong. Take care.

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