My Mother Might be Court-Ordered Hospitalization

I’m a little nervous about this. My mom parked near someone’s property and ranted to them about her delusions, but now is facing a trespassing charge and the state police are involved. So what scares me is her becoming ward of the state. That terrifies me. She could end up going to jail too, but I told the lawyer she is not violent and is mostly reasonable actually, her insight has been improving over the past few years since I moved home and started helping her with errands. Who should I call in support of her defense? I think the charges should be dropped, on one hand, because putting the state in charge of her care would be difficult for me, as we would no longer be able to have participation. I don’t want this. I know mom needs medication but I don’t know how that warrants that, or she might agree to short-term hospitalization AKA agreeing to get help instead of jail time, which she already said she would rather go to jail than a hospital.

Mom also trespassed in an unrelated protest. I’m worried for her sake and comfort that the case is dropped. On the flip side, this could be the resolution that was predicted at the end of this year that would help mom, but that i need to intervene on some level because I’m not sure being hospitalized would be right for her at this time.

Im sorry to here about your situation the NAMI site might help I think they have help line you might be able to call.

**Hey @StarryNight~~~
Can you be her guardian?
It might be best to have her in the hospital for awhile-just to get her thinking straight. She is doing exactly what I`m afraid my son might do–and the police will be called.
Maybe you can talk to someone about her going through mental health court. She would have to stay compliant with whatever the court rules for her, but she would be able to be her own guardian. They would also assign a case manager to help her with pretty much everything.
Hope this helps… **

Sorry-just read some more of your post…I would call social services-adult protection-and there may be a listing in your area for mental health court.

Thanks I think my dad is capable of managing a good portion of this plus he has a lawyer for her as well.