Wife is in jail


She is now in jail without bail. She exploded on Saturday and attacked me in front of the kids. I had to pin her down and have my son call 911. After the call she bolted in the car. She was caught in the parking lot across the street near a pub. So this is the third time she is having some type of charge brought up against her. Public Intoxication, domestic violence, and now at the very minimum its domestic violence and DUI.

I’m hoping they will put her through the mental health court, hopefully hospitalize her for a while.

If anyone knows what I should be expecting I would love to hear it.


my only understanding of mental health courts are the tribunals I have to face when Im trying to get out of hospital when detained against my will. Theyre ok’ish…

Im sure mental health courts are understanding but family support helps schizophrenics a lot more than being detained.


My family and I have had a little bit of experience with the court system with our sz son. My first piece of advice would be to hire a very good lawyer. I also recommend that you write a letter to the District Attorney (write personal and confidential on the envelope) explaining your wife’s mental health situation and what you would like to see happen. I wrote a letter to the District Attorney in our county and was pleasantly surprised when he actually called me. So some do read their mail and do respond.

I know it has to be tough for you and your family to go through such a difficult situation. Hopefully she will get the help she needs through the court system. Best of luck to you.


Good luck and I wish you the best.



For some weird and unknown reason I have not ended up in jail when I was psychotic. But I did end up court mandated into hospital and was forced to take my meds via injection. I wasn’t allowed to leave no matter how good I felt or how normal I acted. I was only released when I was reassessed and it was determined I could “get with the program”

My parents must have had a good lawyer who advocated for me.

I am so sorry you kids have to go through this. It’s not easy for you at all and I bet it’s even more heart breaking for them.

I don’t know if this will help but I found this…



Good luck through this hard time.


Did you look into court ordered treatment or AA? CTO Community Treatment Order where I live in Canada. AOT Assisted Outpatient Treatment I think in the US. Hopefully she will get the right kind of help through the mental health court.