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My Paranoid Schizophrenic/Antisocial Personality Brother - Help!


It’s been awhile, but I’m back.
I tried to provide support for my brother with letters and sending him food packages and $ every month. He has no other support.
He has been extremely violent, arrested and hospitalized many times.
Now he has me in his cross-hairs and is very threatening to me.

What do you think I should do?
Stop all contact, no more $ every month etc.?
Or what?
Please let me know what you think.
I tried to be a support for him but now I feel extremely unsafe, more than before.
I know that if I cut off all contact he will have no one.
If you think I should do no more contact, how do you think I should do it?
Send him a letter explaining this or just stop everything without explaining this?

I value your thoughts; I have no one else to get advice from since all of my other family members are afraid of him and have permanently written him off.
I sincerely tried to care but now I am a murderous being to him.

Thanks so much!

What you are doing for your brother is very praiseworthy, but if it is endangering your safety you might have to curtail your largess. Maybe you could threaten to cut him off. Maybe when he is in a lucid moment you could confront him with examples of his unacceptable behavior. You don’t have to go all the way in cutting him off. Let him know that he is scaring you, and you might have to cut him off if he doesn’t stop. If he does become more dangerous you might have no choice.

my too i was becoming aggressive with my siblings… but i understood that ill lost them like this and ill be really isolated,more than now… i still have hate, envy its sad and it s tough. try to talk to him probably and tell him delicately that he is ill don’t know… meds can help eventually. its so sad when you see a schizophrenic life… i spent the last 13 years of my life with this illness,i wasn’t loved by anyone if its not my mom but i hope things can get better :slight_smile:

If he is really violent, please seek professional assistance. Social worker, police, ???

It sounds like any contact is seen as a threat because he has so much paranoia.

Opinion from random, unqualified person (me):
Maybe stop sending things, but let him know that when he stops hurtful and threatening behaviors/ speech, that you will resume. Only resume contact if he chooses contact. Only send things if he requests them in a non-threatening manner.

Keep yourself safe, most of all. Find a qualified professional with experience in these matters…