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My partner is wanting to get off the meds for our vaction, what can I do? (LONG)

Last year my partner went into full blown psychosis, which included raving his false memories and false ideas. There was also threat of violence and he was forced (by his doctor) to be sent to a full functioning mental health facility for close to three months.

This time he was diagnosed as schizophrenic. Last time he went into psychosis he went to a mental health facility for two months and it was low risk, the staff just said he suffered Narcissistic Personality Disorder and he had therapy visits which they did not seemed interested in his case. He was however put on the mental health state registry.

Now he has been formally diagnosed and is registered to be given monthly injections by our local mental health nurse. His medication has brought him back to the sweet lovable guy that I knew was there all a long. Now his thoughts seem organized, there is no talk of false memories and people watching us.

The medication has left him feeling tired and worn out, he has gained weight and has lost his libido.

I encourage him to see his nurse, to talk things through with her on how he is feeling.

He is taking it hard that he now knows he is schizophrenic especially seeing it written or printed in his files.

For the first time in many years my Partner has planned our first ever interstate vacation. Which I am looking forward to, yet here is the kicker.

Last night he told me that he is going to ask if he miss the injection that particular month so he feels “fine” for holidays. As he feels he doesn’t need it and does not want to continue with the medication.

I tried to show him the positives taking the medication has, even asked would he suggest to the nurse if he could take tablets instead of the injections, no he told me he would not take the tablets.

He is doing fantastic since being on medication. Everyone is so proud that he is stepping up to help his mental health issues.

I just don’t know what I will do if he stops taking medication. I love this guy, have been through a lot with him and I don’t want to see his schizophrenia take control of him.

Sorry it’s long but I am wondering what other partners/spouses/girlfriend-boyfriends have done in the situation where the partner does not want to acknowledge they have to take this medication?

I find myself questioning things a lot when it comes to my son. What his motivations are. Is it possible that he has planned this vacation as a reason to get off medications that he doesn’t think he should be on in the first place? I find that my son can be very proactive when it comes to finding reasons to not be on medications. Can’t say that I blame him. It seems your partner is already telling you what his long term goal here is and that is to be off the medication. Currently my son is mostly med compliant to deal with anxiety but I’m aware that that could change at any time as his insight into SZ is still very limited. I guess the question might be what is more important. His stability or the vacation. Wishing you all the best.

Thanks Barbie BF,

The vacation is for our combined birthdays, and I do really want him to be stable. It will be the first time we have been alone with each other for more then a week. It has been a year since we were left just me and him for a long period of time, not since he went into full blown psychosis where he threaten to kill us both by crashing our car.

We broke up before he was sent to the mental health facility and gradually we started to chat again and this time we are taking things slow to get to know each other again. My partner is such a wonderful sweet caring person since he been on meds and he is very stable.

You are right about the knowledge being limited. He just doesn’t want to see he has this condition, his mental health nurse and psychiatrist have both tried to encourage him to read about it but he is in denial. I just don’t want him to go back in to the full blown psychosis while we are away.

If you know what I mean.