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My schizophrenic brother killed my father

@att159 brought it to the forum’s attention originally- I started reading it- it’s a bit chilling for any of us who have dealt with frightening episodes

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oldladyblue, Its stories like yours and your daughter that got me through the guilt of having my daughter court committed. I felt like the worst mother in the world when I did that and she let me know what a horrible person I was, thats for sure. She is doing well now in a group home, they had a Christmas dance yesterday and a young man asked her to dance. I know she was only on the phone with me but I could hear the pride in her voice. I know in the up coming future she will be coming home for good and I am worried about how to keep things going well. I started a topic today about it if you have some insights please reply. On how to keep moving forward in a positive direction.


He is getting more and more aggressive and dangerous to himself and to others. last week he broke everything in the house, walls, doors, mirrors, bottles… he pushed my mom and took her phone so she can’t call the police, I am so afraid for her I don’t know what to do. I am on the phone every day for hours trying to find help. I called hospitals, I called adult protective services made a report, and even state hospital… no one cares, he didn’t kill anyone so they can’t do anything yet. and he is too dangerous for long-term housing for mentally ill people, so they don’t accept him either.
he is in a psychiatry center now, but it’s temporary they will bring him home or take him to a homeless shelter once he is calm and is more manageable. this is their solution. Ther is no help literally.

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At least he is in a psych center right now. Sometimes it seems like we just get brief breaks. It sounds as though he can’t live with your mom anymore. I am sorry.


@ttt1 I do understand and thank you for letting me know that my story helped you. You just cannot feel guilty about doing what you think is right. It isn’t good to beat yourself up for trying your best to help your loved one. I am very glad your daughter is doing well now in her group home. Try not to worry about the future, as you can’t really guess what situations will arise until they come up. You will make the best decisions you can one at a time. I will look at your other post.

@mac_LL Taking someone’s phone away so they can’t call 911 is a felony offense in my state and will be prosecuted if reported, so among his other crimes, that is another. I am so sorry that he is acting out like that. It sounds like he is going to have to live on his own as it isn’t safe for him to live with your mom. I’m so sorry that any help being attempted isn’t really helping. It is an awful disease and has ruined many lives.

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June, please let me begin by saying I am so, so, sorry this has happened to you and your family. I’ll pray for you all :pray:


Thank you very much Beth


@ Trixie12

Hi Trixie

I’m so sorry about your son. I totally sympathise with your situation and even though I’m not an expert, my advice to you is to speak calmly to your son on moments he’s more "in reality " if you know what I mean.
Anosognosia plays a huge part as why they don’t look for treatment, but at certain times they do know there’s something wrong with them. If you could pick up those moments to tell him how much you love him and wants his happiness and mention medication could help him feel better.
I know it’s not that simple, but I wish from the bottom of my heart you and your family find some peace.

Hi, sad to hear that your brother killed your dad.
My 20 year old son that has yet to be diagnosed but is thought to have schizophrenia, bi polar, or schizo effect disorder. Hit me for the first time a week ago. He has chased his mom out of the house before and has wrestled me to yhe the ground before, but this was the first time that he hit one of us. He has tried a variety of meds but he won’t stay on them long enough and constant enough to get any real help from it. I had to make that hard decision to call the cops on him . They had the behavior health group interview him in jail and they put a mental health hold on him. After a week of waiting for a bed to open up they transported him to a evaluation and treatment center. I hope that he will allow them to help him find the right med and start some counseling before they release him .


Hi @Cameroon and @Art , and welcome to this forum. There is a lot to learn here by reading about others’ experiences. I was helped tremendously by posts I read and that led to my daughter being successfully force medicated. She still has anosognosia, but can look back now and see how she “was in another place” a few years ago.

I called the police often, it got easier after the first heartbreaking time @art , and it was ONLY through the police and court system that my daughter was ordered to stay on medication. I went to court to ask the judge for help in getting her medicated, and luckily she was acting out in court that day, so he easily agreed. By the time the court order wore off, she was used to getting her monthly shot.

Good luck.

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Thank you oldladyblue !

Hi Again,
Do you mind telling me what med the monthly shot was that worked for your daughter?

Hi @Art, She is on the Haldol Dec Shot, the full name is Haloperidol Decanoate. Sometimes it is given on an involuntary hold to quiet a person down, so on one of her holds when she was back in a hospital she’d been before, the doctor must have tried the Haldol Dec Shot on her. She was released 7 days later and she stayed much better for almost 3 weeks. I didn’t realize at first that there was such a thing as a long acting shot. I had NO idea what had made her so much better for so long as she always refused to take pills when she was released. She threw away the Haldol pills prescribed for her at the hospital to take once at home, but I found them in the trash and so knew the name of the medicine. Computer research told me there was a long acting injection version of those pills. So the next involuntary hold, I blind faxed 3 possible hospitals with a note to the doctor that Haldol would work for her and a long acting injection would be good as she was under court order to stay on meds. I already knew that it would work. Luckily she WAS in one of those hospitals, the doctor got the fax and had a nurse call me to become a court assigned proxy and OK the injection. She has been on it ever since. I still thank God for all of the forces of the universe that aligned to get her on a med that works.

Hi oldladyblue,
Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately my son has a very severe reaction to Haldol called a TD REACTION.
He recently was given it at a hospital even though I called ahead and told them of his severe reaction. He has a delayed reaction to it about 24 hours after having it he has extremely painful uncontrolled muscle spasms across his whole body. Dangerous heart rate and this last time a week ago kidney failure. IV ATIVAN and benadryl get him over the reaction after a couple days. So Haldol is out for him. I here there are some other shot type meds out there. I hope one of them works for him.
Thanks again for the information.


Hey Art. My heart hurts with you. Very similar experiences with our son. We finally (think ‘years’) found relative stability with 2X per month injection, Prolixin. Plus clozapine. Plus lithium. Plus quetiapine. Plus Clonidine.

Mixture works, with fairly substantial weight gain and lethargy.

It’s a long road. You found a great forum to learn and share in the wins and losses. Welcome to the 1%.

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Hi Sando
Thanks for the information.

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