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My sister is talking about Sangoma's (Witch doctors) that is on her case


I’m worried about my sister. She is not one that disclose what is going on in her private life. Yesterday I took her out for a couple of drinks as I was worried about her and want to know what is going on in her life. She is without a job for some time now and has developed a gambling problem.
She told me that there are three Sangoma’s which is trying to bewitch her family. I’m very much worried about this statement since this was also one of my delusions during my pre-medicated time.
She will not go for help to a psychologist or psychiatrist since she believes that she is the only one which is sane in that household. Her husband has major depression, her oldest daughter is bi-polar and her youngest has ocd.
I can’t help but worry that my sister is delusional and that she needs help of some form. She is also thinking a lot about suicide. I’m not lucid enough to try and convince her that she should get help. What am I to do? Should I just wait it out and see what comes from her delusion or should I try to talk to her?


Since you’ve been down this path… and your seeing it as a warning sign and your sis is having some of the same sneaky brained thinking that you were when you were starting to have problems…

I’d say talk to her… maybe gently point out the comparisons between what she’s thinking now and how you were thinking before you ended up on meds.

Maybe check in on her as a friend… see how the family stress is…

I live in deep fear of my kid sister crumbling… she’s got the same genetics… and the stress of growing up with me. I would talk to my sis and I would ask others for help if my sis were starting to head down that same path.

Good luck… keep in contact with her… If I get any better ideas for you I will post again.


You see the thing is that she can get so angry when you approach her on something personal. …and I deal very difficult with other people’s anger since I’m a gentle person. Maybe I should take her out for lunch sometime and give her a chance to elaborate on the issue. Thanks for the advice @SurprisedJ


That is a very excellent idea… the more you know about what’s happening… it might give you an idea of what to do next.