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Ticking time bomb

Hi everyone, my sister has days where she is better but today she’s been agitated and mean. I’m scared she’s going to go off and argue with everyone at home. She’s having delusions again about being “mind controlled” or “Brainwashed” She doesn’t want to eat my moms food because she thinks she gets controlled that way so she buys food from restaurants. Somehow she thinks we are her enemies that consist of her ex bosses and her ex boyfriend and new girlfriend of her ex boyfriend. That’s honestly just insane to take in that she actually thinks we aren’t her family. She hates us so much that we have to lock our doors every night just in case. She does drink her medications but right when I think her delusions are finally going away, they somehow come back and it’s such terrible and violent delusions as well. She has attacked myself and my family a few months ago when she had to get hospitalized for weeks. Anyone that can try to make me feel better? I would appreciate it.

In NAMI’s Family to Family they taught us to always question whether or not our family members were actually taking their meds when their behavior began changing back to how they were before they were medicated. Once in family support group a member of the peer support group who was visiting with the family group, actually laughed out loud at people in group who were saying they “were sure” their family member was taking their medication.

It is true that scz is cyclical and if your sister is taking her meds, her meds need to be adjusted.

Since she doesn’t recognize her family, you should have her readmitted.

I wish I could make you feel better. Stay safe.


I agree with Hope either she is not taking her meds or they definitely need adjusting , i would call crisis help line and get advise if you don’t feel safe and try remember it’s the disease that is being mean not your sister , i know its hard , hang in there .


I appreciate your help, thank you for your advice. I wish everything will get better soon. Stay safe !

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Yes, she has an appointment on Wednesday, hopefully the psychiatrist she is seeing will adjust her medication. She is relatively new drinking her medications. She was recently diagnosed on May of this year. Thank you so much for your time!

I watch my son every evening swallow his meds . Its crazy but true , gives me some peace . I hope on Wednesday things will go well for you , your sister and all your family , its a horrific disease and my best advise is to educate yourself as much as you can about schizophrenia . You have done well joining this site ; )