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My sister won't talk to me or anyone, what can I do?

Hi everyone, my sister has sz and she is currently not talking to anyone. She has stayed silent for the last hours, refuses to move from her spot, doesn’t want to eat or drink anything and only responds by smiling to herself and shaking/nodding her head. Before this silence, she did tell her friends that she is being ‘poisoned’ by her family and refuses to consume anything.

I have tried to get different family members to try approach her as well as her friends but she is not reacting. I did find that if I spoke to her using the LEAP method about how she’s feeling, what she is hearing/seeing and if she’d like to share it or even about the things she enjoys, she’ll smile and shrug and show a reaction, but I’m not certain if she is reacting to what I’m saying.

Our only option is to wait or to go to the hospital, but we are wary of that option as she did strongly opposed to go to the hospital before as she hates the environment there. She also told her friends she hated how we ‘forced’ her to go to the hospital last time 3 years ago, so we are wary on doing this again.

I don’t know what we can do. Does anyone have any suggestions or can perhaps share their experience on what normally runs in your mind if you’re not willing to talk, move from your spot or eat/drink?

I would not worry about it, if hours become weeks then maybe

Hi thank you for your response @GSSP! Ok, it was concerning because she wouldn’t move from her seat, not even foe toilet breaks so I wasn’t sure what to do…