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My son is 30, non medicated and living alone

My son is PSZ and lives in my mother’s house. My mother is 91 and is transitioning to a nursing home…maybe. Who knows?
My son is non medicated because of choice by him. My wife (not his mother) and I are his legal guardians…conservators whatever.
We control his disability money and give him an allowance.
We’ve been through meds, hospitalization, DUI’s, having him leave for weeks on end.
As he gets older, the delusions take more of a grip on his daily life.
He believes he is Jewish and the Iranians, Nazis and Catholics are watching him. He refers to Free Masonry, Paul Newman, and past history in an attempt to justify his truth.
I used to correct him and still point out his comments as delusions. He is aware he is PSZ. He knows what meds do and the side affects.
I am lucky. He will create his world and be immersed in it for life. He loves me and I tell him everyday that I love him.
My oldest daughter and her husband have volunteered to take over for us as we grow older.
This is a success story. He’s not on the streets. He is loved. He is healthy. He has his world.


Thank you for letting us know how your son is managing with your help. And that you have set up future care through your daughter and her husband. Not having to worry about his future is great, and knowing that he is loved and he loves you sounds good for all of you. Medicated or not, sz changes all of our worlds. I’m glad your son has his world and lets you participate in it. The best of both worlds as the old saying goes, imperfect worlds for sure, but workable.


Beautifully said OLB!

Thank you @Wisdom . And Happy Cake Day to you!

How do I go about getting conservatorship? I live in WV. It seems several attorneys I’ve talked to said that they only have dealt with elderly dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. Not a 22 year old son with Paranoid SZ and anosignosia at times. He’s on 400 IM Abilify shot once monthly but it tends to wear off after 3 weeks. He is now in a delusional state and I’m afraid will never come out of it. He can’t really take care of himself. He needs someone to remind him to eat, help fix his food, shower, very unorganized. You guys know all of this. Any answers? I love 90 min away from him with my husband. He lives with his dad. However I’m seeing clearly his dad isn’t helping the situation. They just argue.

It is good to hear good stories. I am still struggling to make wise decisions. I still get threatening letters from my sons neighbors (my husband and I own the home 3,000 miles away. For many reasons I have decided to put the house on the market. I located a small apt to rent but son refuses to move…he will have to go on the street when the house sells…I would work with him but he has undesirable people in the house and the house is going down and this decreases chances of selling later…since the house is not in his name he may lose what money he gave me to purchase before he got sick because his sisters may not give him his money back…so putting him out and at a later date find him a place to live…always something