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My Son shaved off his eyebrows

I can’t tell if my son “actually” has scz or not. He has to be off of meth (which makes him act scz) for a while before they can diagnose him. When he’s on meth, he has all the symptoms: the voices, the visions, paranoia, etc.
He has shaved his stomach several times, and his arms. I suspect he’s shaved his privates, but I wouldn’t know. He is currently in jail, and on our last visit with him, he’d had the sides of his head shaved and one eyebrow. The first thing he said was, “I lost a bet.” He is the guy others like to pick on and tease, and it’s quite possible, with his personality, that he lost a bet. He also totally caves to pressure from his peers.
I hope we can have him checked when he gets out, and is off of meth, but he’s a legal adult, and will probably be high before the day is over. sigh

It can take a long time to get them diagnosed - and if yours is a dual diagnosis with a meth issue, we all feel your pain. I am sorry.


Hi there ,my brother 30 years old just did this the other day.he has a head injury wen he was 3 years old in a car acident.he has shaved his eyebrows a couple or few times before,he also used to and may still shave his arms hands and armpits .he just had someone tell him he is schizophrenia , not sure if he is now on medication for that but he is prescribed clanazipam but I think that has made him worse as his anxiety has worsened , specially wen he runs out as he will sometimes double dose and run out early ,I hear stories about people killing themselves or other people wen they get on them so I’m scared for his safety taking medication,I hope this helps and I work like to know is your son ended up on meds???

My daughter shaved all of her hair off today. Her hair used to be a no touch zone. It was long all the way down to her bootie. She had thick long blondish hair. Since being diagnosed a year and a half ago its slowly disappeared. Today i knocked on the bathroom door and… GONE!! ALL GONE. I want her to get help but she refuses. She state’s nothing is wrong. Talks to people who aren’t there. She can’t tell me what year or how old she is.

I don’t trust medication. Side affects we are told about are weight gain tired ect. But did more research. Life is reduced by 25 -32 yrs. Brain damage and more.

Is anybody here i see nothing but old topics including this one.

Yes, there are people here, had your daughter been diagnosed with a brain distorder?

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I’m going to run right off the rails from the intent of the original post.

You don’t personally have to trust medication.

But I have seen medication, regular doctor visits and therapy pull my brother up out of a state of constant confusion and debilitating hallucinations. They gave him control of his body back, literally. They gave him his fun, hilarious, smart, thoughtful personality back. They gave him the ability to enjoy life and work toward his goals back.

Warning, potentially upsetting.

I’m going to go ahead and be frank because conspiracy theories about medication kind of set me off.
Before treatment, Schizophrenic Catatonia threatened to take away my brother’s ability to move or speak permanently. He would become completely incapacitated as if a football team were trampling him. When he wasn’t incapacitated, his thoughts and his memory were plagued by so much chaos and fear that he couldn’t do anything but hide in the bathroom, laying on cold tile floor.
He would leave the house in the middle of the night, and get picked up by police while walking down a barren stretch of highway in winter with nothing but a pair of shorts on and a decorative sword strapped across his back.

With treatment, especially medication, he is now as I remember him before schizophrenia began ruining his life and his health.
Let’s break down the side effects that are medicaly proven:

  1. Weight gain.
    Without treatment, my brother’s health was declining so rapidly that we are still working on treating the results of rampant acid reflux, decaying teeth, and a host of other physical ailments. Weighing 20 lbs more than ideal and exercising to keep it under control is small compromise now.
  2. Involuntarily muscle movement.
    Nothing compared to schizophrenic catatonia. A twitch, even lifelong, is an inconvenience at worst. Waxy catatonia is completely debilitating.
  3. Brain damage.
    Untreated schizophrenia 100% always damages the brain by causing blood vessels to expand and erodes brain matter to the point of causing dementia. Whatever brain damage which may occur from medication is beans compared to a 100% chance of early onset dementia.
  4. And more. Not sure what ‘more’ means for medication, but there is a lot ‘more’ if schizophrenia goes untreated:
    Schizophrenia untreated causes suicide, homelessness, alienation from friends and family, inability to work, constantly deteriorating mental and physical health, fear, confusion, and irrational hate. Untreated, it is extremely unlikely that someone with Schizophrenia will live very long at all in the first place. Even if they live long enough, schizophrenia will ruin their life far and beyond any FDA approved medication could.

I get the urge to cut my hair really short during depressive episodes. It is almost as if I make a drastic change then maybe I will feel a change.

That is a distinct possibility for my son - so it’s not just a male thing at all.

My son has not been diagnosed yet but we are pretty sure he has schizophrenia. He has shaved off his head so far and eyebrows as of tonight. His response? He just likes it he says. Can’t say more than that. Has issues with impulse control no doubt. Sad mommy.

I am sorry, it is so distressful.