Doing things on his own

Happy Spring to you all…I was surprised yesterday that my son went out and got a hair cut and had shaved also changed his clothes… he wears the same clothes all the time…i was so happy and then he cracked a joke and laugh. at me…that was a sweet sound and it looked great to see that beautiful smile…

Thats great to hear. Thanks for sharing the positive development!

Happy Spring to you, So glad to hear that my son is doing small little steps as well he cut his own hair, I bought a electric shaver and he did his hair, when he was well he used to do his own hair so he still has the idea in his mind. He is thinking more clearly since the doctor took him off the cogentin which is for the movement disorder I am happy for that I have also been giving him b-9 which my own psych. doctor recommended for me and I have noticed a huge improvement but the sz. is always going to be there

Winter is stressful, no doubt about it. I think we are all grateful that spring is coming.