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My son was diagnosed at 16

Hi everyone! My son was diagnosed at 16 over a year ago. I am looking for support on dealing with a certain situation. My son is half white/Cambodian. He has an obsession with collecting Nazi memorabilia. I don’t understand why but he just thinks it’s cool. Has anyone else experienced something similar with a loved one? Im looking for advice. Thank you!

Hi ! schizphrenic or not he’s still a child and lives in your home. You make the rules.

Well I appreciate your opinion but I’m not looking for judgement. Schizphrenia is a serious condition and my son fixates on one thing at a time. I’m just trying to see if any parent can relate with what I’m going through.

Im sorry, I didnt mean to come off that way. I was looking at the Nazi memorabilia and not the problem of Fixation.

I understand, thank you! I’m not thrilled about his choice or interest. He is a great kid and not harmful or dangerous. He just likes to collect a dark side of history. I’m having a hard time dealing with this as a single parent.

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There are people here that will help. Youre not alone.

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My son has gone through several specific fascinations - “paganism” and witchcraft was one of them. He has lost interest in those. I tried my best to be non-judgemental while still expressing that I personally was not interested in these things and preferred to not hear about them or engage in anything related to them (like buying him certain things he thought he wanted).

While I don’t share some of my son’s current interests, they are more benign, and I present no obstacles to them.

I think in this, you could handle this as you would any other child of his age, paying closer attention if his interest seems to be straying into harmful thoughts.

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