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My son's delusions convince him I'm not his mother

Two years ago in June, my son stopped communicating with me. He told me that I am not his real mother.

He posts publicly on FB so I am able to read about his delusions. Currently they aren’t negative or threatening so I am happy that he appears content in his delusions.

He was on a low dose of zyprexa and recently stopped taking it. However, the Zyprexa must not have been working, because he hasn’t decompensated any further since he stopped taking it.

I text him every week or so telling him I love him, miss him or just tell him about some event in my life.

I am really afraid that he might never recover enough to seek help or to reconnect to me.

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@Annette_Russ my heart hurts for you. My son sometimes will ask me if I am really his mom. This is really a hard road to follow. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am sorry no parent should have to experience this.

Why do you think he told you that you’re not his real mother?