My sons voices

What is going on with my son? He speaks out loud what he hears his voices are saying to him. His voice changes depending on the voice. He can be very loud. When I ask him to quiet down he says it wasn’t him. Doesn’t seem to know he is even talking out loud.

He is on court ordered Respirdal Consta. 50MG shot.
Does anyone have any experience with this type of hearing voices?

I was like that with my voices. The voices can have the person act odd, but I wouldn’t be judgementak. Go easy on him, he will pick up in time, it just takes times for this illness to even out. Much Love Karl.

Has this been mentioned to his psychiatrist?

I’m far from an expert however the fact that his voice changes and he doesn’t know that he is speaking may indicate something else is happening. I only have my own experiences to go on. My son has spoken differently in response to his voices but I have never heard him speak as one of his voices.

My son hears voices. When he “interacts” with these voices, he just stares blankly and mouths words (no sound). I received a phone call from my son a couple weeks ago and his voice was completely different. It was higher pitched, and he was difficult to understand. When I said his name, he said, “This is not _______, this is Paul”. My son had explained to me prior to this that there is “Paul” and “Alex” that live inside of him. In either case, whether he is mouthing to the voices, or speaking as “Paul” or “Alex”, he has blank spaces in time that he is not aware of what was going on or what happened.

My son mouths words also, (for the past 8 months since illness began), and we don’t hear sounds. He tries to hide it and will leave the room or wait in the car if he needs to “whisper”. Unfortunately he will not discuss what he hears with anyone- he never discussed it and will not admit that he is whispering. He has been very defensive when anyone ( drs. nurses, parents) asked him about this, so we have just let it go.

Meds have been compliant 100%. We worry as he seems unaware that his mannerisms are obvious to us. In public he seems to control his internal situation well, but if he thinks no one is watching he may start whispering.

Karl, you mentioned you did improve, any other suggestions besides taking medications and just waiting.

When my son mouths words, he usually is staring off into space, and doesn’t have a lot of recollection, or realization that he is even doing it. Any time I have mentioned it, he is unaware he was doing it. This usually only occurs when when he is having a crisis of some kind.

I lost my son to voices last July.He is in another world. He talks to voices not me I miss him.

My son thought people in the tv were talking directly to him, he saw “auras” and heard voices. Keep trying meds and give it time. It may take a couple of years. Schiz is not something we plan for our kids and we have to go from " this is what he was going to do/be like/go to school at etc." to readjusting to another new road out of the blue and re-build our goals. I remember telling someone " Ive spent my whole life being that perfect mom and he’s so successful in school. I don’t know HOW to do “this”. Don’t give up, enjoy the good days and drink wine/hot baths on the bad. I miss my “old” son too… :frowning: