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My uniagnosed wife left with one of our kids

Im not sure what to do. My wife has stopped talking to me at all. My daughter called me Friday at work and said that mom had backed bags and left and may be back on Sunday. My wife has never spent a night away from me in 20+ years. She has very little cash maybe $100 and does not have seperate bank accounts or credit cards. I have no idea where she is or what I can do. my son is 13 and his moms best friend. He is the only one she talks to much at home. Ive checked the close hotels and will go out again today to check some more. She is undiagnosed so I dont know if the police will do anything. She did respond to my text last night when i asked where she was and she said gone for the weekend. i asked where and she said she was not going to tell me. Her phone goes straight to voicemail now.

Does she have her own transportation? Maybe she is hanging out in her car? Check to see if any sleeping bags or blanket are missing.
I’m sure you’ve checked in with all the friends and relatives. All you can do is wait. Hang in there, AnnieNorCal

The fact that your 13 year old is with her might make it more urgent for the police. Are you concerned for your sons safety? If so, call law enforcement.

I don’t think she would ever hurt him. I truly believe he is what is keeping her a little bit happy. He is her everything. She did reply to a text I sent today telling her i need to know if she is ok. She responded yes.