My Wife and Persecutory Delusions

My wife began saying some bizarre things years ago. When I attempted to question her are make it logical, i was met with anger. Ex. She believes our house is bugged and her family members are listening to us and we are having to write everything down on paper. I asked her the reason for them bugging us and how was it possible to place a bug in our home when none of them ever visited our new house. I was given more odd answers to these questions and after researching Persecutory Delusions i thought it was best to leave it alone and not challenge or confirm her beliefs. That is just 1 example and there are many more about friends and family. Now i am being targeted. My wife is now saying that i am having gay sex with neighbors, transgenders and that i and meeting men in bath rooms. At 1st i thought it was a joke, but i was taken back when i realized that she was very serious. I’m encourage her to seek help and she is saying she will seek a therapist. My concern is, will the Therapist pick up the delusions or will they believe what she is sharing with them. I have become very angry with the current accusations and i know i did not respond the correct way. However, i love my wife and i am very concerned about her mental heath… Thoughts???

This does sound like paranoid schizophrenia. A psychiatrist would be sure to diagnose it if she says the same things to them that you are reporting.

The next step would be to make sure she takes whatever meds are prescribed. There’s a good chance that unless the delusions are bothersome to her she might not agree that she is sick and really needs the meds. In that case she has anosognosia and you’ll have to learn about the techniques in I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! How to Help Someone Accept Treatment

I know a person recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Like your wife, she has delusions and many of them involve her spouse and children.

If a therapist has the opportunity to work with someone long enough, they will pick up on the delusions. Diagnosing someone is done by a psychiatrist. I hope you read the book @caregiver1 has suggested, it has been the key to moving forward for many of us.