My wife have schizophrenia but I am worried for my 2.5 years old daughter

My wife have a problem of schizophrenia.
We have 2.5 years daughter also.
I want to ask that my daughter also can have same problem if she stay with my wife regularly?

Hi Amit,

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Staying with your wife won’t cause your daughter to have schizophrenia. Children can imitate parental behaviors, or show stress symptoms if a situation is stressful.

Schizophrenia is heritable, so there’s some risk your daughter may develop schizophrenia later in life from inherited genetics. But barring gene therapies in the future, there’s not a lot you can do about this.

While environmental stress can be a factor in triggering schizophrenia, it most commonly develops in early adulthood. Reducing stress and teaching good stress management practices as she approaches adulthood will reduce her risk, but growing up without contact with your mother can be stressful as well.

I had a friend who was adopted who eventually committed suicide after a psychotic episode, and I feel it’s likely he had a parent with schizophrenia and his feelings of alienation at being adopted contributed to this outcome. And I had/have a parent and a brother with mental illnesses, and exposure to their coping strategies—both successful and unsuccessful—made me better equipped for a successful recovery.

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