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NASA Dawn Probe Enters Orbit Of Dwarf Planet Ceres, Blows Our Collective Minds


I don’t usually pay much attention to space stuff but I thought this was cool :wink:

Humanity is reaching ever further into the deepest realms of space, and NASA has achieved an historic first as its Dawn probe arrived at dwarf planet Ceres at about 7:39 a.m. ET today.

Dawn is the first spacecraft to ever orbit a dwarf planet. At a cost of $473 million (USD), Dawn’s mission is to observe Ceres over the next 16 months.


Remnants of the world that was destroyed. probably why they say there is water, and it could support microbial life…


not for long…
" take that "…dark sith fires up the laser beam of death…!?!
take care :alien:


Ah jeez…now if the Dawn probe fails any time during its mission you will have the Terran MIB looking for you! Just kidding…

The Death Star obliterated the planet long ago…

“Ranya, a female warrior from Maldek, (a planet once orbiting between Mars and Jupiter) … gives a personal perspective on the final days of Maldek.”

According to this account, Maldek was a feminist utopia of mannish, dominating women and effeminate, submissive men. Into this perverse environment came “male aggressors from another star system. They decided to eliminate the women leaders and replace them with men.” An emissary from yet another star system proposed a truce: “One side would control the three satellites while the other would rule Maldek itself.” This was rejected by the rulers of Maldek; the war continued, and the planet was blown up.

“When the situation stabilized, Maldek was no more. The largest chunks of the planet settled into a new orbit becoming Earth and its moon. The rest of Maldek floated in a ring of debris between Mars and Jupiter, now called the asteroid belt. Nearby Mars was thrown further out away from the sun. It lost its atmosphere and surface water, becoming a frozen wasteland. Venus was forced closer to the sun where it turned into a burning furnace. A few parts of Maldek were hurled into orbit around the outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.”
The Plieadians [sic] and Sirians destroyed Maldek so rapidly, they did not have time to verify whom actually was at cause of the attacks upon Sirius B. It was not until Sirius A and B began to ascend that ascending masters acknowledged that Maldek was not responsible for the original attack upon Sirius B, but rather Andromedas was responsible. As Sirius A seeded humanity upon Earth 50,000 years ago in karmic restitution to the destruction of human life upon Maldek, such humans came into an already radioactive environment that was not a part of the place of their origin."

I have met Ranya in 1999, and the Pleiadians were mentioned…ultimately God (aka: the Force - whatever side, light or dark) was the instrument of it all

Now if earths Human schools only added Star Wars to their history books…

I wouldn’t doubt that Ceres, which is quite spherical compared to many asteroids, was the Moon of that planet…