Need advice for long distance care

Have a son in Indiana who was diagnosed many years ago. He is from a previous marriage and we just recently reconnected after 50 years by phone and WhatsApp. Apparently he’s in some sort of apt building with another man and has been happy and occupied and likes his routine. On Sat. he posted on the Chat that “they” wanted him to move out of the apt and into a boarding house. Obviously this is kinda upsetting. He asked if the offer was still available to come and live with my wife and i.

i have no idea how this Disability thing works. i was checking the SSA website, but i could only get so far. Our son mentioned that he had had to authorize someone to … what appears is … manage his income. There appears to be some sort of “social worker” in the picture as well.

So, i just wrote him back to ask him the name of the company that manages his finances - he seems to have been able to accumulate enough to be able to purchase several computers and game stations?

What else should i try to determine? i’m in contact with my ex-wife and we have a very good, long distance, relationship, but because of her religion she wants nothing to do with him. He doesn’t have any relationship with any of his other brothers or step-father.

Have a beautiful day! Please stay safe! :slight_smile:

I think it is great that you are willing to help your son. This illness is so disabling, and our health services so lacking, that I think it would be tremendously difficult to cope with life without any family around. It may be that your son doesn’t really recognize his limitations and so you will probably want to assess his situation before you act. Is it possible for you to visit him there?
Bare bones about Social security/ Disability: If your son doesn’t work or makes very little money, he may qualify for SSI. If he has worked in the past he may qualify for SSDI. If he was disabled and unable to work since the age of 22, he may be able to qualify under your social security retirement without it affecting how much you get. Given that he apparently has signed off on someone else managing his money, it may be that he is already receiving benefits.
To learn more, I think you will need to contact the social services office in the county where he lives now. If you are considering having him move in with you or near you, then contact the office near you. If you tell your son that you would like him to authorize you to speak to the social worker or caseworker and also ask him to name you as an authorized representative for purposes of helping him with his benefits. The forms would be sent to you once you call the social services office.
If he has been happy living where he is now, then it may be possible to help him to find another place in the same area so that he can maintain his routine. I don’t know anything about Indiana health care, but if you can’t connect with someone in social services there, I would focus on the office where you live. You may be able to get phone numbers from your local NAMI.
I hope this helps.

Dear nowwhat: Really appreciate you lengthy reply. It was very complete. On the even better side of things, he texted me about a day later, saying that the crisis was over and that he was going to be allowed to stay in his apt. – phew!
But you advice is very timely and i hadn’t considered most of the things you mentioned, especially about the SS Offices.
Thanks again for helping and posting. Please take care and be happy!
fred :slight_smile: