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I need to work but I need to stay home with my ill son does any get paid to be home with there ill family members?

Does any one know if we can be a paid caregiver for our sick family members.

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Not that i have found in the US

Check with your local mental health agency. There is a program offered through Medicaid for long term care. In my state it’s for individuals with disabilities or elderly that require assistance with daily living and family members can be care providers. Ask about medicaid long term care waivers.

My SIL and her husband receive it in Illinois - pretty sure its federal funding. They are able to receive it because her adult son has non-verbal autism. Her son failed out of several disabled work programs - he would become frustrated and physically push the people monitoring if they told him to do something he did not want to do.They found out about the funding when she had to take him with her to a meeting with social security. When he doesn’t want to be somewhere its pretty difficult handling him. Her son absolutely cannot be home alone at all. They both needed to work and had done split shifts for years to cover his care using school and summer day camps. Once he aged out of school and failed in the work programs, they were in a bind because they couldn’t cover him at home 24 hours. She urged me to apply for my son, but its not the same. My son does not require 24 hour a day close monitoring. Well, not yet anyway.

Her husband quit his job to stay home and is paid by a government program. There are requirements like schedules of events - he just can’t sit home with him. He was to take him on enrichment outings daily. They go to the gym, they grocery shop and do projects together.

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