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Need help with a friend


I have a very dear friend of mine who has suffered from addiction since grade school. I recently learned hes been using heroin and had to leave Thailand, where he was vacationining because of withdrawals. Hes back in the states now and is in outpatient rehab and recovering. I just need help on how to help him. Hes like my brother and i don’t want him to die if he goes back on hard drugs. I don’t want him to lose his mind or even body because of this and i want him to work with his addiction to be a better person. I love him dearly and am scared hes going down a dark road


I’ve been with a similar problem, it’s great that he’s getting treatment already! My adivice is giving him love and support and be there for him.

Best of luck to your friend!


If he’s in a good tx center, he will hear plenty about follow-up in… and and

Imperfect though they may be at times, they have helped millions to get and stay clean.

He can also use workbooks like these to enhance and strengthen the tx experience he’s having where he is now:

These workbooks use psychotherapies like these:

12 Steps –
Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT – & scroll down

If he gets two or three of these methods down, he will be able to use this one to work Step 11 in the AA/NA 12 Steps.

10 StEP –


Some people with sz have a ‘dual diagnosis’ but this site is primarily for people with sz. I am sure there are other sites where people’s main problem is addiction, if he doesn’t have sz, that is?



Thanks thats what ive been trying to do. And telling him to get his ass back to school. And meditate too. I just hope hes really ok


Try to be supportive as possible. Treat it as if you were trying to get help with your sz from him.
Do not enable him though. It’s a killer.


If he doesn’t have a mental illness, Ibogaine and Ayahuasca have helped many; as well as NA, AA and HA.


Read the book and you’ll understand that the potential is always there. Even though I will consider it a cure when my son is free of his symptoms he will still be niacin dependant because that is his genetic makeup.
Just about an hour ago I took 500mg of niacin and 1000mg of vit c for my arthritis and generally for clarity and focus. I have slight tingle going on but generally the flush is decreasing as I continue to take it everyday. I will take a small dose of paracetamol if it gets too irritating. I am not generally a drug taker, paracetamol being the only thing I will occasionally use for a headache or other pain