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Need ideas! Mom needs admission to hospital, is denied

Me and my mother’s history before story: My mom has paranoid schizophrenia - she believes people are out to kill her,(among other very outlandish thoughts), everyone is bad and to put icing on all that, she was hearing voices that she,believes to be God. She is a pretty religious person and what I’m about to explain is what solidifies her religious beliefs. She does believe that God saved her because she nearly died during the last time this happened (with paranoia and all) in mid-2013. I don’t think that’s bad to love your,faith. I’m not trying to start a “religious war” here but I have faith in God as well but this makes her do and believe whatever she’s thinking or hearing. My mom is a good person but without help (and I wasn’t there last time, I had been taken away by CPS after I,went in a hospital with a,severe tooth infection or what they called tooth abscess and (I’m only 18 almost 19) at the time I was,17, 7 months shy of 18 but law is,law,and,when my mom was put in a mental institution type place, and sent her home about a month later, after she was well. Well she wasn’t well. I was still 5 mos or so from my 18th and I am a teen of course i went and seen her shes my mom. Well cuff me cuz if i didnt do that my mom would have died because what had happened was she went into hibernation mode,and,laid,on a,bed and,laid,and,laid. When I finally got to her (I lived,with my aunt 45 mins away by car. This wasnt no “walk,and,see,her” stuff no matter how much i love her. Well as you can probably imagine, when I found her she was 90lbs soaking wet and couldn’t move her legs. Her diagnosis was “Spinal cord ischemia causing lower extremity paraparesis”. She had “An infection in bloodstream. - Ischemia of bilateral lower extremities with gangrene (had bilateral above-the-knee amputations) - Acute renal failure (severe dehydration/azotemia) - Septic shock - Collapsed lung - Disorder of peritoneum - High sodium levels - Urinary tract infection - Elevated white blood cell count - History of seizure disorder - Blood clot in leg” . That is a lot to go through but my mom was,doing so damn good while in a,rehabilitation place. When she got out, she was doing okay but the first bad thing or stress and here we are.

Okay, Wednesday and going into now has not been very good. I have been trying my best for almost two weeks,to get through to my mom. Not make her feel bad but,realize A. She has a problem and B. She can address it. I’m not blaming but she feels like she is fine. Today was probably my worst experience ever with EMS, police and the such. This is a run down : I moved back in with her. We’ve been here almost two months since she got out of rehab. I told her weeks before we moved back in together that my only concern was her not taking her prescription or talking to her doctor about switching meds (she was as well mentally as I’ve seen in awhile and since and she dislikes,the side,effects of,Seroquel). Well today i had my aunt “go downtown” to have a Mental Inquest Warrant taken out. I mean, she has said crazy things such as the neighbors were going to kill her and she’s not taking care of herself. I am here taking care,of her and I can’t force her to take,meds. Well this became a process, which I understand but it shouldn’t have been like this. The police showed up, nice guys. They saw my mom wasn’t exactly acting right. My mom has this lasting thought that I have a outrageous “eighteen cartons of cigarettes in my closet” and had spent her money and bought them. So I gave them full permission-search please. And,they did. Didn’t find the 18 cartons I supposedly have (come on now) or the “400 zanax pils” that I supposedly stole she used to probe them on me. Not only is that not true, she wouldn’t have ever had that many. So essentially she tried,to turn it on me,to no avail. EMS came and made her,go. Now, hours later, after being “evaluated by an expert” they send her home by a taxi. Now. Keep in mind, she has no legs and when they came,and,got her she had to leave her wheel chair. So, wtf would they have done if I wasn’t here? She needs help but since,she,isnt expression desire too nor a threat to people or herself they cant hold her. What do u do? I know this varies bystate. I live in Kentucky

Hi there~
I also live in Ky—northern.
That sounds pretty outrageous! I know this sounds awful, but at one point I was so frustrated with the system, I had to take my son to the ER every month so that they would have him admitted for longer then 2 weeks. He was never compliant so it wasnt a a hard thing to do. One idea is to get someone to be her guardian ( you are too young ) so they can make decisions for her. If she is not compliant with her meds, maybe she can get injections--they last for a few weeks. Get in touch with social services, adult protection. File a report that she is unable to care for herself. Get some support for yourself. Check out good source of support for you and your mom. Try to get your family on board with you--its too hard to take care of all this alone.

Since your mom is physically disabled as well you should not be handling or trying to take care of her all on your own. Maybe you can find some help from contacting one of these: