New Book - Lessons to Be Found in Struggle with Schizophrenia: 'AS LIFE GOES ON'

Lessons to Be Found in Struggle with Schizophrenia in New Book ‘AS LIFE GOES ON’

Mental illness has been stigmatized for a long time now. In Rosalie Contino’s new book, “As Life Goes On: Lessons One Doesn’t Want to Have to Learn,” the author reveals a true story of how a so-called stigma rewarded precious memories in return.

Bob was suffering from schizophrenia. And with deceased parents, Bob had no loved ones to care for him in a way a family member would. So Rosalie, having made a firm promise, looked after Bob with loving concern in his last months. Their experiences-tales of impatience, humor, love, and a lifetime’s worth of lessons-are treasures Rosalie keeps.

“The book allows readers to view mental disorders from a more understanding perspective. Bob was quite a character. There were times I wanted to give up completely, but I learned to appreciate him in a way I never had,” stated the author. With words that will move readers to laughter and tears, this book is a gem.

Every challenge we face in life comes with an important lesson.

For Rosalie, it was during the time when she had to give up some aspects of her life to take care of her schizophrenic brother, Bob, that she encountered life lessons she didn’t want to have to learn. And she learned the hard way.

In the book, she looks back and remembers Bob. She reminisces the painful experiences that they went through together, and reflects on how each of those experiences affected and changed her life.
Would you give up your personal life to take care of a sick loved one?

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