New Caregiver to Senior, but needs some ideas for government assistance


I am in the process of taking over caregiving of my senior (74 yr old) Uncle. He was diagnosed around 20 and basically has not been able to work throughout his lifetime. He is currently receiving $740 from Social Security (I assume based on my grandfather’s earnings). Is there any other government assistance I can apply for? I’m really looking for $ so I can relocate him closer to me. I am trying to find him housing with either rental assistance (he currently pays @ $200 a month). He needs to live where meals are provided and medication is supervised. He had a psychotic break from non-compliance with medication recently for the first time in years. Sweet thing finally told me it is just too hard to go to the doctor and get to the pharmacy. He is the most gentle soul and deserves more.


I wish I had some experience to provide insight. Hoping for someone to respond with experience for you. Good luck


Is he on Medicaid? He may be able to go on a monthly or bi-monthly shot. You can look in your area of housing through the city or county you are in. For example where I live there is assistance through Boulder Housing Partners (although sometimes the waiting list is closed - here it opened for a few days to get on the wait list). It’s possible he could get on a list for housing. Here there is a place that takes people over 55 with a disability. Here a person would pay 1/3 of there income.


I would start by asking questions at a nursing home near where you are wanting to move him.


That’s exactly what I’m trying to determine. He currently lives in an apartment in Memphis and is paying 1/3. What I can’t figure out is if he has a Section 8 housing voucher and do you have to have that? We have some supervised homes here, but they want a voucher. Office staff trying to determine how he currently qualifying. Unfortunately, my dad hasn’t kept the best records…