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Saddens me how the system works

If California got it right then why can’t the other states get it right ?


@Linda I agree with this video 1000% How can we fight this? It is absolutely incomprehensible how a person who is not well can have the right to refuse treatment! I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to get involved to make a change.


Well i guess by sharing this video as much as you can so people are aware


@Linda I wanted to add this talk given last month by JD Jaffee (Exec Director, Mental Illness Policy Org) making the case that todays mental health campaign programs are misleading government officials and that is the reason so many mentally ill cannot receive care.

It gives us an idea of what we can and need to do.
I found it very informative.


@Mojoclay thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing .

@Maggotbrane this is the video where the presenter challenges certain things that are commonly said concerning mental illness. Most importantly he said people who suffer from mental illness can be dangerous. I found that to be conflicting.

@feelingalone , I understand getting conflicting signals and information. I was very scared when my daughter first became ill, especially as during one incident she chased me through the house, took my cell phone, and tried to manhandle me. However, going to NAMI to the family-to-family 12 week course was the BEST education for me, and they teach that most people who were NOT dangerous before becoming severely mentally ill, probably will NOT become dangerous after their symptoms start. But the key word is PROBABLY. My daughter only used force when she felt threatened, and never hurt anyone on purpose. That does NOT guarantee that someone won’t become violent. And there are plenty of people who become violent that aren’t mentally ill such as abusive spouses, for instance.

You cannot believe everything you read about this illness, you have to choose your sources wisely and do more research to decide what is true or likely for your family.